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Friday is the day o the week atween Fuirsday an Setturday. Its name comes fae the goddess Frige o Germanic mythologie.

In maist areas wi a five-day wirkin week, Friday is the hindmaist warkday afore the weekend an is tharefore seen as a cause for celebration or relief, leadin tae the sayin TGIF, an abbreviation for Thank God It's Friday or Thank Goodness It's Friday. (The phrase wis faur ben cause o a film in the 1970s.) The phrase is the inspiration for the restaurant, aptly named, T.G.I. Friday's. In some offices, employees is allood tae weir less formal claes on Fridays, kent as Casual Friday or Dress-Doun Friday.

In Islam, Friday is the day o public wirship in mosques. In some Islamic kintras, the week stairts on Sunday an ends on Setturday, juist lik the Jewish an Christian week. In ithers, sic as Iran an Afghanistan, the week stairts on Setturday an ends on Friday.

The Jewish Sawbath stairts at sunset on Friday an runs til sunset on Setturday.

In Christianity, the Friday afore Easter is celebratit as Good Friday tae commemorate the crucifixion o Jesus. Some Christians will haud by eatin meat on Fridays, an will aften hae fish in its steid.

The name for the day in Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Greek, Ebreu an Portuguese is "saxt day". Quakers tradeitionally caws Friday the "Saxt Day" an aw, eschewin the "heathen" oreegin o the name.

In some culturs, Friday is thocht o as unlucky, specially whan this is Friday the 13t, 13 bein an wanchancy nummer. This is parteecular the case in maritime circles; in ae (untrue[1]) story a Ryal Navy ship HMS Friday wis laid doun on a Friday, lenched on a Friday an captained bi a Captain Friday an wis never heard o again.

Several historical disasters at happent on Fridays is kent as Black Friday.

Popular cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • In the popular rhyme, "Friday's bairn is lovin an giein".
  • In the beuk Robinson Crusoe, Friday is the name o a American Indian cannibal that wis haint bi the protagonist on a Friday an became his servand.
  • Cadbury promotit a chocolate baur wi the slogan Thank Crunchie it's Friday.
  • In a reference tae "TGI Friday", maverick Breetish telly host Chris Evans made the telly programme TFI Friday, its ineetials supposedly staundin for "Thank Four It's" (Four wis a reference tae Channel 4, the telly station) – onie ither meanin for the F wis a maiter for the viewer's ain imaginations.
  • Friday is a beuk bi Robert A. Heinlein.
  • Friday is a film wi rapper Ice Cube in it.

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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