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Ebreu (עִבְרִית)
Uised in:
Aw speakers: 7 million spaekers in Israel, an aroond 200,000 native spaekers in the Unitit States

  Middlins Semitic

Leid codes
ISO 639-1 he
ISO 639-2 heb
ISO 639-3 aither: heb or hbo

Ebreu (עִבְרִית) is a Semitic leid o the Afro-Asiatic leid faimlie. Modren Ebreu is spoken bi mair nor 7 million fowk in Israel an Classical Ebreu uised for prayer in Jewish commontis aroond the warld. It is ane o the offeecial leids o Israel alang wi Arabic. Ebreu wis extinct as a spoken leid in the 4t century, but survived as a liturgical leid, an wis cowered in the 1880s. Som leids integrate Ebeu wirds, as Yiddish an Spainyie assimilatit-Jews leids.