Wast Bank

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Map o Wast Bank

The Wast Bank (Arabic: الضفة الغربية‎ is a landlocked territory near the Mediterranean coast o Wastren Asie, the bulk o it nou unner Israeli control,[1] or else unner jynt Israeli-Palestinian Authority control. The final status o the entire aurie is yet tae be determined bi the parties concerned.[2] The Wast Bank shares boundaries (demarcated bi the Jordanian-Israeli armistice o 1949) tae the wast, north, an sooth wi Israel, an tae the east, across the Jordan River, wi Jordan. The Wast Bank an aw conteens a significant section o the wastern Deid Sea shore.

The Wast Bank, includin East Jerusalem, haes a land aurie o 5,640 km2 plus a watter aurie o 220 km2, consisting o the northwast quarter o the Deid Sea. As o Julie 2015 it haes an estimatit population o 2,785,366 Palestinians, an approximately 371,000 Israeli settlers, an approximately anither 212,000 Jewish Israelis in East Jerusalem. The internaitional community considers Israeli settlements in the Wast Bank, includin East Jerusalem, illegal unner internaitional law, tho Israel disputes this. The Internaitional Coort o Justice advisory ruling (2004) concluded that events that came efter the 1967 occupation o the Wast Bank bi Israel, includin the Jerusalem Law, Israel's peace treaty wi Jordan an the Oslo Accords, did nae chynge the status o the Wast Bank (includin East Jerusalem) as occupied territory wi Israel as the occupying pouer.

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  1. About 90 percent o the Jordan valley alone is in the West Bank zone and known as "Area C", an area given over to full Israeli control.
  2. 1995 Oslo Interim Agreement. Text of the Accord