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Georgian (ქართული ენა, pronounced [kʰɑrtʰuli ɛna]) is the native leid o the Georgians an the offeecial leid o Georgie, a kintra in the Caucasus.

Georgian is the primary leid o aboot 3.9 million fowk in Georgie itsel, an o anither 500,000 abroad (chiefly in Turkey, Iran, Roushie, the USA an the rest o Europe). It is the literary leid for aw regional subgroups o the Georgian ethnos, includin those who speak ither Sooth Caucasian or Kartvelian leids: Svans, Mingrelians, an the Laz. Judaeo-Georgian, sometimes considered a separate Jewish leid, is spoken bi an additional 20,000 in Georgie an 65,000 elsewhere (primarily 60,000 in Israel).

Classification[eedit | eedit soorce]

Georgian is the maist pervasive o the Sooth Caucasian leids, a faimily that an aa includes Svan an Megrelian (chiefly spoken in Northwast Georgie) an Laz (chiefly spoken alang the Black Sea coast o Turkey, frae Melyat, Rize tae the Georgian frontier).

Dialects[eedit | eedit soorce]

Main airticle: Georgian dialects

Dialects o Georgie include Imeretian, Racha-Lechkhumian, Gurian, Adjaran, Imerkhevian (in Turkey), Kartlian, Kakhetian, Ingilo (in Azerbaijan), Tush, Khevsur, Mokhevian, Pshavian, Fereydan dialect in Iran in Fereydunshahr an Fereydan, Mtiuletian, Meskhetian.