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The Tysday is the day o the week atween Monanday an Wadensday. Hit gits its name in Inglis, Scots, an the Scandinavian leids fae the Nordic god Tyr (in Auld Inglis, Tiw, Tew o Tiu).

The name for the day in Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Greek, Ebreu an Portuguese is "thrid day". Quakers tradeitionallie caas Tysday the "Thrid Day" an aw, eschewin the "heathen" oreigin o the Scots name "Tysday".

Shrove Tysday (forby kent as Mardi Gras - fat Tysday) foregangs the first day o Lent in the Wastren Christian calendar.

Tysday is the uisual day for elections in the Unitit States. Federal elections taks place on the Tysday efter the first Monanday in November; this date wis estaiblisht by a law o 1845 for presidential elections (speceeficallie for the walin o the Electoral College), an wis rexed tae elections for the Hoose o Representatives in 1875 an for the Senate in 1914. Tysday wis the earliest day o the week at wis practical for powin in the early 19t century: ceetizens micht hae tae traivel for a hail day for tae cast their vote, an wadna want tae leave on Sunday (the day o wirship for the feck o them). Monie American states hauds their presidential primarie elections on "Super Tuesday".

Black Tysday, in the Unitit States, is the name gien tae 29 October 1929, the stairt o the muckle stock mercat panic o 1929. This wis the Tysday efter Black Thursday, at wis the stairt o the verra Muckle Depression.

In the Greek warld, Tysday (the day o the week o the Faa o Constantinople in 1453) is thocht on as a unlucky day. The same is true in the Spanish-speakin warld, whaur a sawe rins En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques (On Tysday, dinna get wad nor begin a journey).