Same-sex mairiage

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Same-sex mairiage (kent as gay mairiage an aa)[1] is a term fur a relationship in whilk twa bodies o the same sex or gender live thegither as a faimily in a governmentally, socially, or religiously kent mairiage. It is bytimes cried mairiage equality bi supporters.[2][3]

Map showin the status o same-sex union laws o the warld.
  Same-sex mairiages
  International mairiage licenses kent
  Same-sex unions
  Meenimal recognition
  Nae same-sex unions

Mairiage bi the ceevil law is available in Argentinae, Australie, Austrick, Belgium, Brazil, Canadae, Colombie, Dainmerk (includin Greenland an the Faroe Islands), Finland, Fraunce, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Maltae, the Netherlans, New Zealand, Norawa, Portugal, Sooth Africae, Spainyie, Swaden, the Unitit Kinrick, the Unitit States an Uruguay. The Netherlans was the foremaist kintra tae allou mairiages o twa bodies o the same sex in 2001.[4]

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