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A bisexual pride flag.

Bisexuality refers tae sexual cairy-on wi or pheesical attraction tae baith sexes (male an female), or a bisexual orientation. Fowk that haes a bisexual orientation "can experience sexual, emotional, an affectional attraction tae baith thair ain sex an the opposite sex"; "it refers tae a body’s sense o thair ain an social identity grundit on thir attractions, fashions pittin thaim ower, an membership in a community o ithers that shares thaim." It is ane o the three main classes o sexual orientation, forby a heterosexual an a homosexual ane. Bodies that disna experience sexual attraction tae aither sex is kent as asexual.

Gaun by the Kinsey Scale, bisexuals can reenge fae bein a bittie homosexual tae beein a bittie heterosexual.

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