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The wird homosexuality haes been uised tae mean mony different things ower the coorse o history. Ilka uiss o the wird is relatit tae the state o bein smitten wi fowk o the same sex or gender. It haes been uised tae mean thochts or actions in the airt o the same sex or gender regairdin ane or mair o: aesthetic attraction, sexual attraction or luve. The relatit wird "homosexual" means either "a bodie that practises homosexuality" or "pertainin tae homosexuality".

The wird "homosexual" is nou maistly thocht tae be auld-farrant, an mony homosexuals prefers tae be cried gay or lesbian. Maist o the time, "gay" refers tae male homosexuality, but forby thon it can mean baith male an female homosexuality. A mair common wey o referrin tae a female homosexual is tae cry her a lesbian.

Mind that homosexuality is tae be contrastit wi heterosexuality and bisexuality an aw.


The cavalier o Hohenberg an his squire burned far crime o sodomy.

Homosexuality haes been documentit in human society for thoosands o years. The Auncient Greeks, fir ensample, wis kent tae hae haed a wey o institutionalised homosexuality cried pederasty. Aulder men uised tae be expectit tae tak a young lad an shaw him the weys o Greek society. Pairt o this gey close relationship atween a lad an a mentor teuk the form o sexual intimacy. A gey wheen o Greek piggie depictit sic relationships. It shoud be notit, thou, that this parteecular form o male-male relationship wad be conseedert paedophilia, an syne unlawfu, in maist culturs nouadays. The Christian warld in the Middle-Age hae aye been considererin homosexuality like a crime an gay fowk were executed.

Nou, homosexuality is punished bi caipital puinishment in a few kintras, maist integrist Muslim anes, like Sudan, Iran an Saudi Arabie.

Homosexuality in Scotland

Lesbianism haes aye been lawfu in Scotland, or raither, it wis niver made unlawfu. On the ither haund, sex atween twa or mair men wis unlawfu in Scotland till 1980.

Nou Glesga, Embro, Dundee an Aiberdeen aa hae a veesible gay scene, an homosexuality is tholed bi maist fowk.

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