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Salvador, Bahia

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O Municipio do
São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos
The Municipality of
Saunt Savior o the Bay o aw Saunts
Banner o Salvador
Capital da Alegria (Caipital o happiness), Roma Negra (Black Roum) an Bahia Judia (Jewish Bay).
Sic illa ad arcam reversa est (An thus the dove returned tae the ark)
Location o Salvador in the State o Bahia
Location o Salvador in the State o Bahia
Salvador is located in Brazil
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 12°58′29″S 38°28′36″W / 12.97472°S 38.47667°W / -12.97472; -38.47667Coordinates: 12°58′29″S 38°28′36″W / 12.97472°S 38.47667°W / -12.97472; -38.47667
Kintra Brazil
State Bahia
Foondit29 Mairch 1549
 • MayorJoão Henrique Carneiro (PMDB)
 • Municipality706 km2 (273 sq mi)
8 m (26 ft)
 • Municipality2,676,606 (3rd)
 • Density10176.6/km2 (26,357/sq mi)
 • Metro
3,574,804 (7t)[1]
Time zoneUTC-3
Postal Code
Area code(s)+55 71
WebsiteSalvador, Bahia

Salvador (Portuguese pronunciation: [sawvaˈdoʁ], Saviour; historic name: São Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos, in Scots: "Ceety o the Holy Saviour o the Bay o aw Saunts"[2][3]) is the lairgest ceety on the northeast coast o Brazil an the caipital o the Northeastern Brazilian state o Bahia. Salvador is ent as Brazil's caipital o happiness due tae its easygoin population an coontless popular ootdoor pairties an aw, includin its street carnival.

The first colonial caipital o Brazil, the ceety is ane o the auldest in the Americas. For a lang time, it wis simply kent as Bahia, an appears unner that name (or as Salvador da Bahia, Salvador o Bahia sae as tae differentiate it frae ither Brazilian ceeties o the same name) on mony maps an beuks frae afore the mid-20t century. Salvador is the third maist populous Brazilian ceety, efter São Paulo an Rio de Janeiro. The metropolitan aurie o the ceety, wi 3.5 million o fowk, housomeibver, is the seivent maist populous Brazilian urban agglomeration, efter the urban auries o Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Recife an Fortaleza, an the third in Brazilian Northeast Region.

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Salvador's sister ceeties are:[4]

Kintra Ceety State / Region Syne
United States Unitit States Los Angeles Californie 1962[4]
Portugal Portugal Lisbon Lisboa Region 1985[4]
Portugal Portugal Angra do Heroísmo Azores 1985[4]
Portugal Portugal Cascais Lisboa Region 1985[4]
Benin Benin Cotonou Littoral Depairtment 1987[4]
Spain Spain Pontevedra Galicie 1992[4]
Cuba Cuba Havana La Havana 1993[4]
Italy Italy Sciacca Sicily 2001[4]
Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Cheenae Harbin Heilongjiang 2003[4]
United States Unitit States Miami Florida 2006[5]

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