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Banner o Mauá
Coat o airms o Mauá
Coat o airms
Location o Mauá
Location o Mauá
Coordinates: 23°40′04″S 46°27′39″W / 23.66778°S 46.46083°W / -23.66778; -46.46083
Kintra  Brazil
Region Southeast
State  São Paulo
 • Mayor Oswaldo Dias (PT)
 • Total 62.293 km2 (24.051 sq mi)
Elevation 818 m (2,684 ft)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Tot 417,281
 • Density 6,463.69/km2 (16,740.9/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-3 (UTC-3)
 • Simmer (DST) UTC-2 (UTC-2)
Postal Code 09300-000
Aurie code(s) +55 11
Wabsteid Mauá, São Paulo

Mauá (IPA: [ma'wa]) is a municipality in the state o São Paulo, in Brazil. Is pairt o the metropolitan region o São Paulo. The population as o 2006 is 413,943 inhabitants (11t lairgest ceety in population o the state), the densitie is 6,645.4/km² an the aurie is 62.6 km². The densitie is even greater, syne ane third o the ceety is industrial aurie an 10% is rural or forest. This place name comes frae the Tupi leid an means, the ane that is heich. As it's a municipality, it can be translatit tae heich ceety.

Mauá haes the 23rd lairgest GDP o São Paulo state.

Is the birthplace o the Brazilian tableware industry.

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