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The Municipality o Guarulhos
Banner o Guarulhos
Official seal of Guarulhos
Location o Guarulhos
Location o Guarulhos
Guarulhos is located in Brazil
Location in Brazil
Coordinates: 23°27′46″S 46°31′58″W / 23.46278°S 46.53278°W / -23.46278; -46.53278
Kintra Brazil
State São Paulo
 • Total318 km2 (123 sq mi)
759 m (2490 ft)
 • Total1,299,283 (12t)
 • Density4035.26/km2 (10,451.3/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (UTC-3)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-2 (UTC-2)
Postal Code
Area code(s)+55 11
WebsiteGuarulhos, São Paulo

Guarulhos (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɡwaˈɾuʎus]) is the seicont lairgest ceety in the Brazilian state o São Paulo an a suburb o São Paulo ceety itsel. In the last few years it haes ootgrown Campinas. The population in 2006 is 1,283,253, the densitie is 4,035.26 inh./km² an the aurie is 318 km². It is 12t lairgest incorporatit ceety in Brazil.

Owerview[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ranks 8t bi GDP amang Brazilian ceeties; 2nt in São Paulo state. (soorce:IBGE, Brazil's naitional institute o statistics. GDP bi ceeties report, published in 2005 wi data frae 2002).

It is the 10t lairgest suburb in the warld.

The name comes frae the Tupi leid, an means Eaters, big-belliet fowk; a reference tae the oreeginal indigenous indwallers o the aurie.

The per caipita income for the municipality is R$12,793.

São Paulo-Guarulhos Internaitional Airport.

São Paulo-Guarulhos Internaitional Airport (GRU), ane o the main Brazilian airports, is locatit thare.

Mamonas Assassinas, a 1990s satirical pop/rock group, came frae Guarulhos.

The ceety is the seat o the Roman Catholic Diocese o Guarulhos.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Guarulhos wis foondit on December 8t 1560 bi the Jesuit priest Manuel de Paiva an entitled Nossa Senhora da Conceição. Its oreegin is linkt tae five ither sma veelages that wur in chairge o defendin the bundaries o São Paulo de Piratininga Village against the Tamoios, a wild tribe o Indians that lived in that region.[1]

In the 16t Century, Guarulhos wis a strategic location: bordered the futur São Paulo’s Caipital an surroondit bi the rivers Tietê (sooth), an Cabuçu (east). On that same period wis established, for seemilar purposes, São Miguel Veelage, cried nouadays São Miguel Paulista Destrict.

In 1880, Guarulhos wis emancipatit frae São Paulo an namit Nossa Senhora da Conceição dos Guarulhos. Its current name, Guarulhos wis adoptit later, efter the enactment o the law # 1.021, on 6 November 1906.

The early twintiet century the ceety wis remarkt bi the dounset o railroads an the pouer electricity seestem (Licht & Power C.O.), bi numerous requests for the implantation o a telephone seestem, industrial biggins permits, bi commercial activities an public transportation.

Durin the 30’s the ceety witnessed the actions o the Federal Intervention, an the Constitutional Muivement (Reflections o the Revolution that markt the end o the "Auld Republic" durin the 30’s in Brazil).

In 1940 the Monteiro Lobato Municipal Library is foondit, in 1941 the first Health Center o the ceety, an ten year efter that the Holy Hoose o Mercy o Guarulhos is established. On that decade arrive in the municipality, industries frae different sectors: electricity; metallurgy; plastics; fuid; rubber; fuitwear; vehicles; clocks an leather.[1]

In 1945 the São Paulo’s Air Base (BASP) wis transferred frae the Campo de Marte, a little airport in São Paulo, tae Cumbica neighborhood in Guarulhos.

In 1958 the Rotary Club establishes a branch in the ceety.

In 1963 The Commercial & Industrial Association o Guarulhos is foondit, nouadays the institution is cried Commerce & Business Association o Guarulhos (Associação Comercial e Empresarial de Guarulhos- ACE).

Wi the big buim o the Industrial sector, a lairge nummer o manpouer wis drawn. This new population established thairsels in urban aurie on a continuous process o land occupation. At this rate the population grew frae 35,000 in 1950 tae 101,000 in 1960, frae 237,000 in 1970 tae 532,726 in 1980. Maist o thir ceetizens devotit thairsels tae Industrial activities in Guarulhos (that hosts aroond 2,000 establishments), an São Paulo.[2]

In 1985 the Cumbica Airport wis opened.[3] The day it is cried “International Airport of São Paulo-Guarulhos Governor André Franco Montoro” (Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo-Guarulhos Governador André Franco Montoro), the 2nt biggest Airport in Latin Americae.[4]

Atween 2000 an 2006 its population grew three times as hintle as the state o São Paulo. Accordin tae IBGE, Guarulhos is the seicont maist populous ceety in the State efter the ceety o São Paulo. Maist o its population is economically active an evenly distributit in terms o gender.[5]

Currently the Ceety Cooncil o Guarulhos haes 34 aldermen.

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