São Paulo-Guarulhos Internaitional Airport

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São Paulo/Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro International Airport
Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo/Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro
Airport teepPublic/Military
ServesSão Paulo
LocationGuarulhos, Brazil
Hub for
Elevation AMSL750  m / 2,459  ft
Coordinates23°26′08″S 046°28′23″W / 23.43556°S 46.47306°W / -23.43556; -46.47306Coordinates: 23°26′08″S 046°28′23″W / 23.43556°S 46.47306°W / -23.43556; -46.47306
GRU is located in São Paulo
Location in São Paulo State
Direction Lenth Surface
m ft
09R/27L 3,000 9,843 Asphalt
09L/27R 3,700 12,139 Asphalt
Statistics (2013)
Aircraft operations273,882
Metric tonnes of cargo448,274
Economic & social impact$3.4 billion & 154.1 thousand[1]
Statistics: Infraero[2]
Sources: Infraero[3] ANAC[4]

São Paulo/Guarulhos–Governador André Franco Montoro Internaitional Airport (IATA: GRUICAO: SBGR), popularly kent locally as Cumbica Airport efter the destrict whaur it is locatit an the Brazilian Air Force base that still exists at the airport complex, is the main airport servin São Paulo, Brazil. It is locatit in the municipality o Guarulhos in Greater São Paulo. Syne 28 November 2001 the airport haes been namit efter André Franco Montoro (1916–1999), umwhile Govrenor o São Paulo state.[5] The airport wis rebuistit as GRU Airport in 2012.[6]

In Brazil the airport wis rankit first in terms o transportit passengers, aircraft operations, an cargo handled in 2012, placin it as the busiest airport in Laitin Americae bi passenger traffec (36,000,000 in 2013).[7] Guarulhos haes slot restrictions, operatin wi a maximum o 45 operations/oor[8] an bein ane o the five airports wi sic restrictions in Brazil (the ithers are São Paulo-Congonhas, Brasília, Belo Horizonte-Pampulha an Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont).[9]

Syne 2012, the airport haes been operatit bi a consortium componit o Invepar S/A, Airports Company South Africa, an Infraero.[10] Some o its facilities are shared wi the São Paulo Air Force Base o the Brazilian Air Force.

The Tropic o Capricorn goes directly throu the soothren tip o the airport.[11]

Control touer.

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