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View of Cotia
View of Cotia
Banner o Cotia
Official seal of Cotia
Location in the state o São Paulo an Brazil
Location in the state o São Paulo an Brazil
Coordinates: 23°36′15″S 46°55′10″W / 23.60417°S 46.91944°W / -23.60417; -46.91944
StateSão Paulo
Founded2 Apryle 1856
 • MayorCarlão Camago (PSDB)
 • Total323.891 km2 (125.055 sq mi)
853 m (2,799 ft)
 • Total209,027
 • Density650/km2 (1,700/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-3 (UTC-3)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-2 (UTC-2)
HDI (2000)0.826 – high[2]
WebsitePrefeitura Municipal de Cotia

Cotia is a ceety in the state o São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2006 wis 179,685. The ceety is at a altitude o 853 m, its density is 554.77/km² an the aurie is 324 km². Cotia is linkit wi the Rodovia Raposo Tavares heich-gate.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Cotia wis foondit in 1580, an wis a active veelage durin the "bandeiras" expeditions. In 1626, Raposo Tavares an his companions arrivit in the ceety. The "Sítio do Mandú" an "Sítio do Padre Inácio" (Mandu's Ranch an Priest Inácio's Ranch) wur some o the first landwart hooses tae be biggit thare. Nouadays, they are preservit bi the "Instituto Brasileiro de Patrimônio Cultural. Cotia wis declared a independent municipality on 2 Apryle 1856. Accordin tae the 1980 demographic census, the ceety haed a population o ower 62 thoosan fowk.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety is locatit wast o São Paulo, an haes a terrain made o valleys an muntains, reachin a maximum altitude o 1,074 metres abuin sea level [3]

The ceety haes the Cotia River as its main river.

The ceety haes a densely populatit urban aurie, but the less developed auries tae the wast attract fowk interestit in ecotourism.

Population history[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Population Density
2003 161,782 399.22/km²
2004 170,206 535.33/km²
2006 179,685 554.77/km²

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