Candeias, Bahia

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Candeias is a toun in Brazil, in the State o Bahia. It is locatit 46 km in the north o Salvador, the caipital o the State o Bahia, The toun is near the BR324 motorwa. The toun haes a current population o 78,618 (2007 estimate).[1]

Wi the 6t heichest GDP in the State o Bahia, its major economics activities are: the Port o Aratu which is ane o the maist important o the kintra, the toun is based next tae the seicont biggest ile refinery o the kintra, Landulfo Alves refinery.

Its GDP is R$ 1.698.526.384 (US$ 1,081,863,939) and its HDI is 0,719. [2005]

Coordinates: 12°40′04″S 38°33′03″W / 12.66778°S 38.55083°W / -12.66778; -38.55083