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For ither uises, see Tocantins (disambiguation).
State o Tocantins
Banner o State o Tocantins
Coat o airms o State o Tocantins
Coat o airms
Location o State o Tocantins in Brazil
Location o State o Tocantins in Brazil
Coordinates: 10°11′S 48°20′W / 10.183°S 48.333°W / -10.183; -48.333
Kintra  Brazil
Caipital an Lairgest Ceety Palmas
 • Govrenor José Wilson Siqueira Campos[1] (PSDB)
 • Total 277,620.91 km2 (107,190.03 sq mi)
Aurie rank 10t
Population (2010 census)[2]
 • Tot 1,383,453
 • Rank 24t
 • Density 5.0/km2 (13/sq mi)
 • Density rank 22nt
Demonym(s) Tocantinense
 • Year 2006 estimate
 • Total R$ 9,607,000,000 (24t)
 • Per caipita R$ 7,210 (17t)
 • Year 2005
 • Category 0.756 – medium (15t)
Time zone BRT (UTC-3)
 • Simmer (DST) BRST (UTC-2)
Postal Code 77000-000 to 77990-000
ISO 3166 code BR-TO

Tocantins (Portuguese pronunciation: [tokɐ̃ˈtʃĩs][3]) is ane o the states o Brazil. (Frae: Tukã´, Toucan + , beak. lit. "Toucan's beak" in Tupi). The state wis formed in 1988 oot o the northren pairt o Goiás, an construction began on the caipital, Palmas, in 1989, in contrast tae maist o the ither ceeties in the state which date back tae the Portuguese colonial period. It is the newest Brazilian state an, acause it is still vera young, it is developin slowly, biggin on its maist important resources: the rivers Araguaia an Tocantins, the lairgest hydro basin entirely inside Brazilian territory. Acause it is in the central zone o the kintra, it haes characteristics o the Amazon, but also has open pastures. The Ilha do Bananal, in the soothwast o the state, is the lairgest fluvial island in the warld. Tocantins is hame tae the Araguaia Naitional Pairk an the Carajás Indian reservations an aw. Anither heichlicht is the Jalapão, aboot 250 kilometers frae the caipital, Palmas. Thare, the rivers create true oases in the dry landscape, attractin mony ecotourists tae the region.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Siqueira Campos é empossado governador de Tocantins pela quarta vez - 01.01.2011 - Valor Online (in Portuguese)
  2. Censo 2010: população do Brasil é de 190.732.694 pessoas
  3. The presentit pronunciation is in Brazilian Portuguese variant spoken in Tocantins (an maist o Brazil).The European Portuguese pronunciation is [tokɐ̃ˈtĩʃ].

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