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Camaçari is a ceety in Bahia, Brazil. It is locatit at 12°41′51″S 38°19′27″W / 12.69750°S 38.32417°W / -12.69750; -38.32417. It is pairt o the Salvador Metropolitan Region (Região Metropolitana de Salvador), bein the industrial ceety o the metropolis. Several factories an petrochemical plants compone ane o lairgest industrial capabilities in Brazil, the lairgest o the Northeast region o the kintra. Braskem, a Brazilian multinaitional company, the lairgest petrochemical in the Americas bi production capacity an the fift lairgest in the warld, awns a major petrochemical complex in Camaçari, the lairgest in Brazil, alang wi that o Triunfo; the petrochemical complex company Triunfo is awned bi Braskem an aw. The ceety is hame tae a lairge automobile factory awned bi the Ford Motor Company an aw.

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Statistics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Area: 759,802 km² Population (2007): 220.495 Elevation: 36m

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Roman Catholic Diocese o Camaçari

Coordinates: 12°41′52″S 38°19′26″W / 12.69778°S 38.32389°W / -12.69778; -38.32389