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For ither uises, see San Salvador (disambiguation).
San Salvador
Motto(s): Nuestra Capital - 2011 Ibero-American Capital of Culture
San Salvador Municipality in the Kintra
San Salvador Municipality in the Kintra
San Salvador is locatit in El Salvador
San Salvador
San Salvador
San Salvador Municipality in the Kintra
Coordinates: 13°41′24″N 89°11′24″W / 13.69000°N 89.19000°W / 13.69000; -89.19000Coordinates: 13°41′24″N 89°11′24″W / 13.69000°N 89.19000°W / 13.69000; -89.19000
Kintra  El Salvador
Depairtment San Salvador Depairtment
Ceety 1525
 • Teep Democratic Republic
 • Mayor Norman Quijano (Alianza Republicana Nacionalista)
 • City 72.25 km2 (27.9 sq mi)
 • Metro 620.86 km2 (239.7 sq mi)
Elevation 658 m (2,159 ft)
Population (2009 Census)
 • Ceety 540,898
 • Density 7,486.5/km2 (19,389.9/sq mi)
 • Urban 540,898 (Municipality)
 • Metro 2,352,942
 • Metro density 3,689.7/km2 (9,556.3/sq mi)
Time zone Central Standard Time (UTC-6)
Aurie code(s) + 503

The Ceety o San Salvador is the caipital an lairgest ceety o the naition o El Salvador. Its complete name is La Ciudad de Gran San Salvador (The Ceety o the Great Holy Savior).

It lies upon a seismic valley in the tropics, surroondit wit volcanos an prone tae yirdquauks, which is why the Pipil an the Spaniards cawed the aurie in which the metropolis is nou settled in "El Valle de las Hamacas" (The Valley o the Hammocks) due tae its constant seismic activity. It is the third lairgest an populous ceety in Central Americae efter Guatemala Ceety an Managua an the seicont maist populatit metropolitan aurie. San Salvador is an aa the maist modren an fastest-growin ceety in Central Americae. Hame tae ane-hauf o El Salvador's wealth, the ceety's per capita GDP - PPP is approximately USD11,200, compared tae a naitional average o USD5,260 (2002). The ceety haes a lang history, wi oreegins datin back tae the Spaingie conquest o the Pipil ceevilized Naition in Cuzcatlán which means "The Place o the Diamond Jewels".[1] The name o the ceety San Salvador means "Holy Savior" in Spainyie. Due tae its territorial extension, it haes the heichest population density in the American continent, composed predominantly o mixed biracial Native American/European ancestry an Whites Caucasian. The Salvadorians native born in San Salvador Ceety are cawed Capitalino, Capitalense, Sivareño in Spaingie.[2][3]

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