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Indigenous fowks

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A Navajo man on horseback in Monument valley, Arizona.

Indigenous fowks are those fowks pertectit in international or national legislation as havin a set o specific richts based on thair historical ties tae a particular territory, thair cultural an historical distinctiveness frae ither fowks.[1]

Indigenous fowks o Americae
Quechua weemen in Peru
Tot population
Approximately 60.5 million
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Mexico14.7 million[2][3]
 Peru13.8 million[4]
 Bolivie6.0 million[5]
 Guatemala5.8 million[6]
 Ecuador3.4 million
 Unitit States2.9-5 million[7]
 Chile1.8 million[8]
 Colombia1.4 million[9]
 Canada1.4 million[10]
 El Salvador~70,000[18]
 Costa Rica~114,000[19]
 Belize~24,501 (Maya)[22]
 French Guiana~19,000[23]
Indigenous leids o Americae, Inglis, Spaingie, Portuguese, French, Dutch
Inuit religion
Hamespun American religion


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The indigenous fowks o Americae are the pre-Columbie inhabitants of North an Sooth Americae, an thair descendants. Pueblos indígenas (indigenous fowks) is a common term in Spaingie-speakin kintras.

Indigenous leids o the Americas are spoken by indigenous fowks frae Alaska an Greenland tae the soothren tip o Sooth Americae, encompassin the laund masses that constitute the Americas.

Indigenous Australies
(Aboriginal Australies an Torres Strait Islanders)
Men an boys playin a game o gorri, 1922
Tot population
669,881 (2011)
3% o Australie's population (2011)[24]
Population distribution bi state/territory
 New Sooth Wales 208,476 (2.89%)
 Queensland 188,954 (4.22%)
 Wastren Australie 88,270 (3.75%)
 Northren Territory 68,850 (29.77%)
 Victoria 47,333 (0.85%)
 Sooth Australie 37,408 (2.28%)
 Tasmanie 24,165 (4.72%)
 Australie Caipital Territory 6,160 (1.67%)
Several hunder Indigenous Australie leids (mony extinct or nearly so), Australie Inglis, Australie Aboriginal Inglis, Torres Strait Creole, Kriol
Christianity 73%
Non-releegious 24%
Tradeetional Aboriginal releegion 1%
Relatit ethnic groups
see Leet o Indigenous Australie group names


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Indigenous Australiens are the Aboriginal an Torres Strait Islander fowk o Austrailie, descendit frae groups that existit in Australie an surroondin isles prior tae European colonisation.

An indigenous or autochthonous leid is ane that is spak bi indigenous fowks and originated frae yon pairt o the warld in question. It is aft divers to the dominant or naitional leid o the kintra.

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