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A Navajo man on horseback in Monument valley, Arizona.

Indigenous fowks are those groups pertectit in internaitional or naitional legislation as havin a set o speceefic richts based on thair heestorical ties tae a pairteecular territory, thair cultural an heestorical distinctiveness frae ither populations.[1]

Indigenous fowks o Americae
Sra. Charo and the Qewar dollmakers.jpg
Quechua weemen in Peru
Tot population
Approximately 60.5 million
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Mexico14.7 million[2][3]
 Peru13.8 million[4]
 Bolivie6.0 million[5]
 Guatemala5.8 million[6]
 Ecuador3.4 million
 Unitit States2.9-5 million[7]
 Chile1.8 million[8]
 Colombia1.4 million[9]
 Canada1.4 million[10]
 El Salvador~70,000[18]
 Costa Rica~114,000[19]
 Belize~24,501 (Maya)[22]
 French Guiana~19,000[23]
Indigenous leids o Americae, Inglis, Spaingie, Portuguese, French, Dutch
Inuit releegion
Hamespun American releegion

Americae[eedit | eedit soorce]

The indigenous fowks o Americae are the pre-Columbie inhabitants of North an Sooth Americae, an thair descendants. Pueblos indígenas (indigenous fowks) is a common term in Spaingie-speakin kintras.

Indigenous leids o the Americas are spoken by indigenous fowks frae Alaska an Greenland tae the soothren tip o Sooth Americae, encompassin the laund masses that constitute the Americas.

Indigenous Australies
(Aboriginal Australies an Torres Strait Islanders)
Men and boys playing a game of gorri - NMA-11726.jpg
Men an boys playin a game o gorri, 1922
Tot population
669,881 (2011)
3% o Australie's population (2011)[24]
Population distribution bi state/territory
 New Sooth Wales 208,476 (2.89%)
 Queensland 188,954 (4.22%)
 Wastren Australie 88,270 (3.75%)
 Northren Territory 68,850 (29.77%)
 Victoria 47,333 (0.85%)
 Sooth Australie 37,408 (2.28%)
 Tasmanie 24,165 (4.72%)
 Australie Caipital Territory 6,160 (1.67%)
Several hunder Indigenous Australie leids (mony extinct or nearly so), Australie Inglis, Australie Aboriginal Inglis, Torres Strait Creole, Kriol
Christianity 73%
Non-releegious 24%
Tradeetional Aboriginal releegion 1%
Relatit ethnic groups
see Leet o Indigenous Australie group names

Australie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Indigenous Australies are the Aboriginal an Torres Strait Islander fowk o Australie, descendit frae groups that existit in Australie an surroondin islands prior tae European colonisation.

Leids[eedit | eedit soorce]

An indigenous or autochthonous leid is ane that is spak bi indigenous fowks and originated frae yon pairt o the warld in question. It is aft divers to the dominant or naitional leid o the kintra.

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