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Coordinates: 9°N 80°W / 9°N 80°W / 9; -80

Republic o Panama

República de Panamá (Spaingie)
Motto: "Pro Mundi Beneficio"
"For the Benefit o the Warld"
AnthemHimno Istmeño  (Spaingie)
Hime o the Isthmus
Location o Panama
and largest city
Panama Ceety
8°58′N 79°32′W / 8.967°N 79.533°W / 8.967; -79.533
Offeecial leidsSpaingie
Ethnic groups
GovrenmentUnitar presidential constitutional republic
• Preses
José Raúl Mulino
LegislaturNaitional Assembly
• frae Spain
28 November 1821
• frae Colombie
3 November 1903
• Total
74,177.3 km2 (28,640.0 sq mi)[2]
• Water (%)
• November 2016 estimate
• 2023 census
• Density
53.9/km2 (139.6/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2016 estimate
• Total
$87.373 billion[4]
• Per capita
GDP (nominal)2016 estimate
• Tot
$55,122 billion[4] (78)
• Per capita
$13,654[4] (52)
Gini (2012)positive decrease 42.7[5]
HDI (2016)Increase 0.788[6]
heich · 60th
Time zoneUTC−5 (EST)
Drivin sideright
Cawin code+507
ISO 3166 codePA
Internet TLD.pa
Territorial organization

Panama, offeecially the Republic o Panama is the soothrenmaist kintra in Central Americae an in turn North Americae. Situatit on the isthmus connectin North an Sooth Americae, it is bordered bi Costa Rica tae the wast, Colombie tae the sootheast, the Caribbean tae the north an the Paceefic Ocean tae the sooth. The caipital is Panama Ceety.

Panama wis inhabitit bi indigenous tribes afore Spaingie colonists arrived in the 16t century. It brak awey frae Spain in 1821 an jynt the Republic o Gran Colombia, a union o Nueva Granada, Ecuador, an Venezuela. Efter Gran Colombia dissolved in 1831, Panama an Nueva Granada eventually becam the Republic o Colombie. Wi the backing o the Unitit States, Panama secedit frae Colombie in 1903, allouin the construction o the Panama Canaul tae be completit bi the US Army Corps of Engineers atween 1904 an 1914. The 1977 Torrijos–Carter Treaties led tae the transfer o the Canaul frae the Unitit States tae Panama on 31 December 1999.[7]

Revenue frae canaul towes conteenas tae represent a signeeficant portion o Panama's GDP, awtho commerce, bankin, an tourism are major an growin sectors. In 2015 Panama rankit 60t in the warld in terms o the Human Development Index.[8] Syne 2010, Panama haes been the seicont-maist competitive economy in Laitin Americae, accordin tae the Warld Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index. Kiverin aroond 40 percent o its laund aurie, Panama's jungles are hame tae an abundance o tropical plants an ainimals – some o them foond nawhaur ense on the planet.[9] Panama is a foondin member o the Unitit Nations an ither internaitional organisations sic as OAS, LAIA, G77, WHO an NAM.


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