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Coat o airms o Panama

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Coat o airms o Panama

The Panamanian Coat o Airms is a heraldic seembol for the Central American naition o Panama. Thir airms wur adoptit provisionally an then definitively bi the same laws that adoptit the Panamanian banner.


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The centre section contains the Isthmus o Panama. The chief or tap pairt o the coat o airms comprises twa quarters. The tap left ower a field o siller a swuird an a rifle. In 1904 the airms wur made offeecial bi Law 64 o 4 Juin 1904 signed bi the Preses o Assembly Dr Genaro Ortega, an sanctioned bi the Preses o the Republic, Dr Manuel Amador Guerrero.

The offeecial description o the heraldic design is as follaes:

  • "It rests on a green field, seembol o the vegetation; it is o pointit form an it is intervened as far as the diveesion. The center shows the Isthmus wi its seas an sky, in which the muin begins tae rise abuin the waves an the sun begins tae hide ahint the muntain, markin therebi the solemn oor o the declaration o oor unthirldom. The heid is dividit in twa quarters: in the ane o the richt hand, in the silver field, a sword an a gun are hung meant as abandonment for aaways tae the ceevil wars, causes o oor ruin; in the ane o the left-haund side, an on field o gules, a crossed shovel an a grub hoe are shown shinin, tae seembolize the wirk "
  • "The end o the coat o airms an aa is dividit in twa quarters: the ane o the richt-haund side, in blue field, shows a cornucopia, emblem o the wealth; an the ane o the left-haund side, in field o silver, the winged wheel, seembol o the progress. Ahint the shield an coverin it wi his opened wings, is the eagle, emblem o the sovereignty, the heid turned towards the left, an takes in the tip a silver tape, which hangs frae richt tae left. On the tape the follaein motto is printit "Pro Mundi Beneficio "

"On the eagle, in arc form, nine gowd starns go in representation o the provinces in which the Republic is divideit. Like decorative accessories, tae each side o the coat o airms twa gathered naitional banners go on the ither haund below"

  • For thirtie-seiven years the Coat o Airms o the Republic o Panama wis no chynged till the Constitution o 1941 wis promulgatit. The Naitional Assembly dictatit in Mairch o this year Law 28 on the Coat o Airms, in which the follaein reforms wur introduced: the saber an the gun are meant as attitude o alert in defence o oor sovereignty, in the place o "abandonment tae mean guid bye tae the ceevil wars ". 311 projects appeared tae chynge the motto an the Jury named tae mak the selection decidit for: "Solo Dios sobre Nosotros" (Ae God Abuin Us). Nivertheless, the Naitional Assembly when approvin the Law 28 awready referred tae, rejectit it an preferred the ane o "Juistice, Honor an Freedom ". Five years later, in 1946, Panama returned tae the auld seembol wi the well-kent motto o "Pro Mundi Beneficio ".

The formal adoption an regulation o the uise o the naitional banner, anthem an coat o airms wur reglamentit bi law 34 o 1949.

Hairpy Eagle Law

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Law 34 o 1949 statit, as noted abuin, that an eagle wis tae be on the tap o the coat o airms. Housomeivver, it didna specify wha species o eagle, even tho in maist schools the Hairpy Eagle wis the eagle species on tap o the coat o airms. Law 18 o 2002 made the Hairpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) the naitional bird; an tae specify wha species o eagle wis tae be on the coat o airms, on Mey 17, 2006 law 50 wis approved bi the Naitional Assembly tae modify law 18 o 2002, an add that the Hairpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja) wis the species o Eagle that on the Coat o Airms o the Republic o Panama.[1]


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  1. Text of Modification of law 18, 2002[deid airtin], Panama's National Assembly (in Spaingie)

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