San Salvador Depairtment

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Location o the San Salvador Depairtment

San Salvador is a depairtment o El Salvador in the wast central pairt o the kintra. The caipital is San Salvador, which is an aa the naitional caipital. The depairtment haes North o the Rio Lempa Valley, the "Valle de las Hamacas" (Hammock Valley) an a section o Lake Ilopango. Some o the depairtment's ceeties that are densely populatit are: San Salvador, Ciudad Delgado, Mejicanos, Soyapango, Panchimalco an Apopa. The depairtment covers an aurie o 886 km² an haes a population o nearly 3 million. It wis classifee'd as a depairtment on Juin 12, 1824. Durin the time o the colony, the depairtment wis the San Salvador Pairty, frae whaur territory wis taken tae mak the depairtments o Chalatenago, La Libertad, Cuscatlán an La Paz.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

This depairtment produces beans, coffee, succar cane, etc. for agricultur, on the ither haund San Salvador Depairtment haulds mony heidquarters for bankin companies in El Salvador an Central Americae, an for mony communication services, an aa the heidquarters o the electric companies are locatit in the San Salvador Depairtment, last years thir companies teuk a step an stairtit exportin electricity tae aw o Central Americae.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Aguilares
  2. Apopa
  3. Ayutuxtepeque
  4. Cuscatancingo
  5. Delgado
  6. El Paisnal
  7. Guazapa
  8. Ilopango
  9. Mejicanos
  10. Nejapa
  11. Panchimalco
  12. Rosario de Mora
  13. San Marcos
  14. San Martín
  15. San Salvador
  16. Santiago Texacuangos
  17. Santo Tomás
  18. Soyapango
  19. Tonacatepeque