San Vicente Depairtment

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San Vicente
San vicente els.jpg
Banner o San Vicente
Coat o airms o San Vicente
Coat o airms
Location athin El Salvador
Location athin El Salvador
Coordinates: 13°31′34″N 88°45′07″W / 13.526°N 88.752°W / 13.526; -88.752Coordinates: 13°31′34″N 88°45′07″W / 13.526°N 88.752°W / 13.526; -88.752
Kintra El Salvador
(gien current status)
SeatSan Vicente
 • Total1,184.0 km2 (457.1 sq mi)
Aurie rankRankit 11t
 • Tot174,561
 • RankRankit 13t
 • Density150/km2 (380/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
ISO 3166 codeSV-SV

San Vicente is a depairtment o El Salvador in the centre o the kintra. The caipital is San Vicente. On 4 October 1834, San Vicente Ceety o Austrick an Lorenzana (Ciudad de San Vicente de Austria y Lorenzana) wis made the caipital o State o El Salvador durin the Federal Republic o Central Americae. In 1840, it stoppit tae be the caipital o the State o El Salvador but it continues tae be o the depairtment. The depairtment wis creatit on 12 Juin 1824. The San Vicente depairtment haes 1,184 km² an a population in excess o 174,500.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Apastepeque
  2. Guadalupe
  3. San Cayetano Istepeque
  4. San Esteban Catarina
  5. San Ildefonso
  6. San Lorenzo
  7. San Sebastián
  8. San Vicente
  9. Santa Clara
  10. Santo Domingo
  11. Tecoluca
  12. Tepetitán
  13. Verapaz

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