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La Unión Depairtment

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La Unión
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Location athin El Salvador
Location athin El Salvador
Coordinates: 13°32′31″N 87°52′48″W / 13.542°N 87.88°W / 13.542; -87.88Coordinates: 13°32′31″N 87°52′48″W / 13.542°N 87.88°W / 13.542; -87.88
Kintra El Salvador
(gien current status)
SeatLa Unión
 • Total2074.3 km2 (800.9 sq mi)
Area rankRanked 3rd
 • Total263,271
 • RankRankit 8t
 • Density130/km2 (330/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
ISO 3166 codeSV-UN

La Unión is a depairtment o El Salvador. It is locatit in the eastren pairt o the kintra an its caipital is La Unión. It covers a total o 2,074 km² an haes a population o 263,200. The depairtment wis creatit on 22 Juin 1865 an the ceety o La Unión wis made its caipital. The Conchagua Temple wis built in 1693 an it is ane o tourist attractions o the depairtment, as well as conteenin aircheological ruins in Intipuca an Meanguera.


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  1. Anamorós
  2. Bolívar
  3. Concepción de Oriente
  4. Conchagua
  5. El Carmen
  6. El Sauce
  7. Intipucá
  8. La Unión
  9. Lislique
  10. Meanguera del Golfo
  11. Nueva Esparta
  12. Pasaquina
  13. Polorós
  14. San Alejo
  15. San José
  16. Santa Rosa de Lima
  17. Yayantique
  18. Yucuaiquín


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The maist important agricultural products are: coffee, grass, fruits, cocoa, oleaginous seeds, an succar cane. The manufactur o palm objects, tortoiseshell objects, panela, mangrove extraction, an fish. It haes locations o gowd, airn, barium, an mercur.

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