Santa Ana Depairtment

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Santa Ana
Izalco volcano
Izalco volcano
Banner o Santa Ana
Location athin El Salvador
Location athin El Salvador
Coordinates: 14°05′24″N 89°30′40″W / 14.09°N 89.511°W / 14.09; -89.511Coordinates: 14°05′24″N 89°30′40″W / 14.09°N 89.511°W / 14.09; -89.511
Kintra El Salvador
(gien current status)
SeatSanta Ana
 • Total2023.2 km2 (781.2 sq mi)
Area rankRankit 4t
 • Total572,081
 • RankRankit 3rd
 • Density280/km2 (730/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC−6 (CST)
ISO 3166 codeSV-SA

Santa Ana is a depairtment o El Salvador in the northwast o the kintra. The caipital is Santa Ana, ane o the lairgest ceeties in El Salvador. It haes 2,023 km² an a population o ower 572,000. The Santa Ana Volcano is in this depairtment.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

This depairtment wis creatit on 8 Februar 1855.

Durin Pre-Columbie times, the aurie nou componin Santa Ana wis inhabitit bi Mayan fowks; amang the depairtment's major Mayan airchaeological steids are Tazumal an Casa Blanca. Mony o the region's inhabitants wur members o the Poqomam or Ch'orti' Mayan subgroups.

Atween 1200 an 1400 the depairtment o Santa Ana unner Lempa River wis conquered bi the Pipils. Atween 1528 an 1540 the depairtment o Santa Ana wis conquered an pacifee'd bi the Spaniards. It belangit tae the Greater Mayorship o San Salvador an later tae the Intendance o San Salvador, bein dividit in the pairties or destricts o Santa Ana an Metapán.

Frae 1824 (year in which the Greater Mayorship o Sonsonate an Intendance o San Salvador unifee'd) it belangit tae the depairtment o Sonsonate. The depairtment wis creatit in 1855, alang wi the present depairtment o Ahuachapán.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The depairtment o Santa Ana is at a altitude atween 500 m an 3000 m. The maist important volcanoes are the Ilamatepec or Santa Ana Volcano an the Chingo. Ither notable muntains are Green Hill an the Montecristo massif. The main rivers o the depairtment are the Lempa an the Guajoyo rivers.

The maist important lochs in the depairtment are Loch Güija on the border wi Guatemala near Metapán, an Loch Coatepeque which is in the soothren pairt o the depairtment.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

Santa Ana is dividit intae 13 municipalities:

Municipality Territory Population
Candelaria de la Frontera 91.13 km² 33,550 hab.
Chalchuapa 165.76 km² 86,200 hab.
Coatepeque 126.85 km² 48,544 hab.
El Congo 91.43 km² 22,274 hab.
El Porvenir 52.52 km² 7,819 hab.
Masahuat 71.23 km² 5,125 hab.
Metapán 668.36 km² 59,499 hab.
San Antonio Pajonal 51.92 km² 4,574 hab.
San Sebastián Salitrillo 42.32 km² 16,688 hab.
Santa Ana 400.05 km² 261,568 hab.
Santa Rosa Guachipilín 38.41 km² 7,909 hab.
Santiago de la Frontera 44.22 km² 9,150 hab.
Texistepeque 178.97 km² 20,904 hab.

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