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Port o Spainie

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(Reguidit frae Port of Spain)
Ceety o Port o Spainie

City of Port of Spain
Dountoun Port of Spain near the Hyatt Hotel
Dountoun Port of Spain near the Hyatt Hotel
Coordinates: 10°40′N 61°31′W / 10.667°N 61.517°W / 10.667; -61.517
KintraTrinidad an Tobago
 • MayorKeron Valentine
 • Govrenin bodyPort of Spain City Corporation
 • Total57,000
 • Density3650/km2 (9,500/sq mi)
 Rankit 3rd
Time zoneUTC−4 (AST)

Port o Spainie or Port o Spain (Inglis: Port of Spain) is the caipital ceety o the Republic o Trinidad an Tobago an the kintra's third-lairgest municipality, efter San Fernando an Chaguanas. The ceety haes a municipal population o 49,031 (2000 census),[1] a metropolitan population o 128,026 (1990 unofficial estimate)[2] an a transient daily population o 250,000.[3] It is locatit on the Guwf o Paria, on the northwast coast o the island o Trinidad an is pairt o a lairger conurbation stretchin frae Chaguaramas in the wast tae Arima in the east wi an estimatit population o 600,000.[4]

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