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Coordinates: 11°N 61°W / 11°N 61°W / 11; -61

Republic o Trinidad an Tobago
Banner Coat o airms
(Banner) (Coat o airms)
Motto: "Together we aspire, together we achieve"
Trinidad an Tobago
Trinidad an Tobago
Offeecial leid Inglis
Caipital Port o Spain
Lairgest ceety San Fernando
- Prime meenister
Parliamentary republic
George Maxwell Richards
Kamla Perdad-Bissessar
 - Tot
 - % watter

5,131 km²/1,981 sq mi
 - 2011
 -  census
 - Density

31 August 1962
Siller Trinidad an Tobago dollar (TTD)
Time zone UTC - 4
Naitional anthem Forged from the Love of Liberty
Internet TLD .tt
Cawin code +1-868

Trinidad an Tobago, kent offeecially as the Republic o Trinidad an Tobago (pronounced /ˌtrɪnɨdæd ən tɵˈbeɪɡoʊ/ (deprecatit template)) is an archipelagic state[1] in the soothren Caribbean, lyin juist aff the coast o northeastren Venezuela an sooth o Grenada in the Lesser Antilles. It shares maritime boondaries wh ither naitions includin Barbados tae the northeast, Guyana tae the sootheast, an Venezuela tae the sooth an wast.[2][3]

The kintra covers an aurie o 5,128 square kilometres (1,980 sq mi)[4] an consists o twa main islands, Trinidad an Tobago, an numerous smawer landforms. Trinidad is the lairger an mair populous o the main islands; Tobago is muckle smawer, comprisin aboot 6% o the total aurie an 4% o the entire population which is estimatit at 1.3 million (2005). The naition lies ootside the hurricane belt.

Trinidad an Tobago wis a Spainyie colony frae the times o Christopher Columbus tae 1802, when it wis cedit tae Breetain. The kintra obtained unthirldom in 1962, becomin a republic in 1976. Unlike maist o the Inglis-speakin Caribbean, Trinidad an Tobago's economy is primarily industrial,[5] wi an emphasis on petroleum an petrochemicals. Trinidad an Tobago haes a soond macroeconomic framewirk an a lang tradition o institutional stability. It scores relatively well in mony o the 10 economic freedoms, an its economy haes grown at an average rate o close tae 7 percent ower the period 2003 - 2008. The govrenment haes tried tae diversify the economic base, an the kintra haes evolved intae a key financial center in the Caribbean region.

Trinidad an Tobago is kent for its Carnival an is the birthplace o steelpan,[6] calypso,[7][8] soca, an limbo.

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