San Pedro Sula

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San Pedro Sula
"Usula (Glen o Birds)"
Skyline of San Pedro Sula
Banner o San Pedro Sula
Offeecial seal o San Pedro Sula
La Capital Industrial
San Pedro Sula is locatit in Honduras
San Pedro Sula
San Pedro Sula
Coordinates: 15°30′0″N 88°2′0″W / 15.50000°N 88.03333°W / 15.50000; -88.03333
Kintra  Honduras
Depairtment Cortés
Municipio (Coonty) San Pedro Sula
Foondation Juin 1536
 • Mayor Juan Carlos Zuniga (PLH)
 • Urban 840 km2 (320 sq mi)
Elevation 83 m (272 ft)
Population (2010)[1][2]
 • Ceety 873,824
 • Density 2,427.7/km2 (6,288/sq mi)
 • Metro 1,245,598

San Pedro Sula is a ceety in Honduras. It is locatit in the northwast corner o the kintra, in the Valle de Sula (Sula Valley), aboot 60 km sooth o Puerto Cortés on the Caribbean Sea. Wi an estimatit population o 802,598 fowk (2010 estimate) in its metro aurie, it is the seicont lairgest ceety in the kintra ahint the caipital Tegucigalpa, an is considered the industrial centre o Honduras. It is the caipital o the Cortés Depairtment. The ceety serves as a major transportation hub for the rest o the kintra, while economically maintainin its base in licht industry an the commercial production o coffee, bananas, beef, succar cane, tobacco, an forestry.

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