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Cortés Depairtment

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Coordinates: 15°30′10″N 88°0′49″W / 15.50278°N 88.01361°W / 15.50278; -88.01361Coordinates: 15°30′10″N 88°0′49″W / 15.50278°N 88.01361°W / 15.50278; -88.01361
CaipitalSan Pedro Sula
 • TeepDepairtmental
 • Gobernador PolíticoVíctor Galdámez
 • Total3954 km2 (1,527 sq mi)
Highest elevation
2242 m (7,356 ft)
Lowest elevation
0 m (0 ft)
 (Census 2001)[1]
 • Total1,202,510
 • Ethnicities
Ladino Garifuna
 • Releegions
Catholicism Evangelicalism
Time zone-6

Cortés is ane o the 18 depairtments intae which the Central American naition o Honduras is dividit. The depairtment covers a tot surface aurie o 3,954 km² an, in 2005, haed a estimatit population o 1,365,497 fowk, makkin it the maist populous depairtment in Honduras. The Merendón Muntains rise in wastren Cortés, but the depairtment is maistly a tropical lawland, the Sula Valley, crossed bi the Ulúa an Chamelecon rivers.

It wis creatit in 1893 frae pairts o the depairtments o Santa Bárbara an Yoro. The depairtmental caipital is San Pedro Sula. Main ceeties include Choloma, La Lima, Villanueva, an the sea ports o Puerto Cortés an Omoa an aw. The Atlantic coast o the Depairtment o Cortés is kent for its mony excellent beaches.

Cortés is the economic hertland o Honduras, as the Sula Valley is the kintra's main agricultural an industrial region. US bananae companies arrivit in the aurie in the late 19t hunderyear, an established vast plantations, as well as infrastructur tae ship the fruit tae the Unitit States. San Pedro Sula attractit substantial nummers o European, Central American, an Palestinian an Lebanese immigrants. Industry flourishes in the depairtment, an Cortés the day hosts maist o the kintra's assembly plants, kent as maquilas.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Choloma
  2. La Lima
  3. Omoa
  4. Pimienta
  5. Potrerillos
  6. Puerto Cortés
  7. San Antonio de Cortés
  8. San Francisco de Yojoa
  9. San Manuel
  10. San Pedro Sula
  11. Santa Cruz de Yojoa
  12. Villanueva

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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