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Cork (Erse: Corcaigh‎, pronounced [ˈkˠorkˠɪɟ], frae corcach, meanin "swamp") is the seicont lairgest ceety in the Republic o Ireland an the island o Ireland's third maist populous ceety. It is the principal ceety an admeenistrative centre o Coonty Cork an the lairgest ceety in the province o Munster. Cork haes a population o 119,418, while the addition o the suburban auries contained in the coonty brings the total tae 190,384. Metropolitan Cork haes a population o approximately 274,000, while the Greater Cork aurie is aboot 380,000.

Cork haes a reputation for rebelliousness datin back tae the toun's support o the Inglis Pretender Perkin Warbeck in 1491 follaein the Wars o the Roses. As a result, Coonty Cork haes earned the nickname o "the Rebel Coonty", while Corkonians aften refer tae the ceety as the "real caipital o Ireland", an thairsels as the "Rebels".

The ceety is built on the River Lee which divides intae twa channels at the wastren end o the ceety. The ceety centre is locatit on the island creatit bi the channels. At the eastren end o the ceety centre they converge; an the Lee flows aroond Lough Mahon tae Cork Harbour, ane o the warld's lairgest natural harbours. The ceety is a major Erse seaport; there ar quays an docks alang the banks o the Lee on the ceety's east side.

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Coordinates: 51°54′00″N 8°28′23″W / 51.9°N 8.4731°W / 51.9; -8.4731