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City of Leicester
Ceety an unitar authority aurie
Leicester landmarks: (clockwise frae top-left) Jewry Wall, National Space Centre, Arch of Remembrance, Central Leicester, Curve theatre, Leicester Cathedral an Guildhall, Welford Road Stadium, Leicester Market
Coat o airms o Leicester
Coat o airms
Motto(s): Semper Eadem {Constant/Always the Same//"'the Eternal Urbs'"}
Location athin Leicestershire an Ingland
Location athin Leicestershire an Ingland
Coordinates: 52°38′N 1°08′W / 52.633°N 1.133°W / 52.633; -1.133
Sovereign state  Unitit Kinrick
Constituent kintra Ingland
Region East Midlands
Ceremonial coonty Leicestershire
Admin HQ City Hall
115 Charles St
Encastellation o pre-existin cælto-mercian inhabitit centrality AD c.47
as Ratae Corieltauvorum bi the Romans
Ceety Status restored 1919
 • Teep Unitar authority, Ceety
 • Lord Mayor Ted Cassidy[1]
 • Ceety Mayor Peter Soulsby
 • Leadership Electit mayor an cabinet
 • Unitar authority Leicester City Council
 • Leet o MPs
 • Ceety an unitar authority aurie 73.32 km2 (28.31 sq mi)
Population (2011 est.)
 • Ceety an unitar authority aurie 348,300 (Rankit 16t)
 • Density 4,605/km2 (11,930/sq mi)
 • Urban 509,000
 • Metro 836,484[2]
Time zone Greenwich Mean Time (UTC+0)
 • Simmer (DST) Breetish Simmer Time (UTC+1)
Postcode LE+'...  : (LE1-5); [LE8-9, LE18-19]; {LE6-LE7, LE10, LE17, LE12 partial & LE67}
Diallin code 0116
Grid Ref. SK584044
ONS code 00FN (ONS)
E06000016 (GSS)
ISO 3166-2 GB-LCE
Distance tae London 102.8 mi (165.4 km)
(2011 Census) [3]
  • 50.5% White (45.1% White Breetish)
  • 37.1% Asie
  • 6.2% Black
  • 3.5% Mixed Race
  • 2.6% Ither
Wabsteid www.leicester.gov.uk

Leicester (Listeni/ˈlɛstər/ LESS-tər,[5] but aften locally /ˈlɛstɒ/) is a ceety an unitar authority aurie in the East Midlands o Ingland, an the coonty toun o Leicestershire. The ceety lees on the River Soar an at the edge o the National Forest.

In the 2011 census the population o the City of Leicester unitar authority wis c.330,000 makkin it the maist populous municipality in the East Midlands region. The associatit urban aurie is the 11t lairgest bi population in Ingland an aw an the 13t lairgest in the Unitit Kinrick.[6]

Leicester is at the intersection o the north/sooth Midland Main Line an east/wast Birmingham/Leicester/Cambridge CrossCountry railwey lines an the confluence o the M1/M69 motorways an the A6/A46 trunk routes.

Etymologie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name "Leicester" is thocht tae derive frae the wirds castra o the "Ligore", meanin a camp on the River Legro, an early name for the River Soar. Leicester appears in the Domesday Book as "Ledecestre". Leicester continued tae grow throuoot the Early Modren period as a mercat toun, awtho it wis the Industrial Revolution that facilitatit an unparalleled process o unplanned urbanisation in the aurie.

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Leicester haes a nummer o twin/sister ceties,[7] thir are:

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Coordinates: 52°38′N 1°8′W / 52.633°N 1.133°W / 52.633; -1.133