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Aerial view of Wells.jpg
Aerial photograph o Wells
Wells is locatit in Somerset
Wells shawn within Somerset
Population 10,536 (2011)[1]
OS grid reference ST545455
Shire coonty
Kintra Ingland
Sovereign state Unitit Kinrick
Post toun WELLS
Postcode destrict BA5
Diallin code 01749
Polis Avon an Somerset
Fire Devon an Somerset
Ambulance Sooth Wastren
EU Pairlament Sooth Wast Ingland
UK Pairlament
List of places
51°12′32″N 2°38′49″W / 51.209°N 2.647°W / 51.209; -2.647Coordinates: 51°12′32″N 2°38′49″W / 51.209°N 2.647°W / 51.209; -2.647

Wells (/wɛlz/)[2] is a cathedral ceety an ceevil pairish in the Mendip destrict o Somerset, on the soothren edge of the Mendip Hills. Awtho the population recordit in the 2011 census wis only 10,536,[1] it haes haed ceety status syne medieval times, acause o the presence o Wells Cathedral. Aften describit as Ingland's smawest ceety,[3][4] it is seicont anerly tae the Ceety o Lunnon in aurie an population, tho no pairt o a lairger urban agglomeration.

The name Wells comes frae three wells dedicatit tae Saunt Andra, ane in the mercat place an twa athin the grunds o the Bishop's Palace an cathedral.[5] A smaw Roman dounset surroondit thaim, which grew in importance an size unner the Anglo-Saxons when Keeng Ine o Wessex foondit a meenster kirk thare in 704. The commonty became a tradin centre based on cloth makkin an Wells is notable for its 17t century involvement in baith the English Ceevil War an Monmouth Rebellion. In the 19t century, transport infrastructur impruivit wi stations on three different railwey lines. Housomeivver, syne 1964 the ceety haes been athoot a railwey link.

The cathedral an the associatit releegious an airchitectural history hae made Wells a tourist destination, which provides hintle o the employment. The ceety haes a variety o sportin an cultural activities an hooses several schuils includin The Blue School, a state coeddicational comprehensive schuil oreeginally foondit in 1641 an the unthirlt Wells Cathedral School, which wis foondit possibly as early as 909 an is ane o the five established muisical schuils for schuil-age childer in the Unitit Kinrick. The historic airchitectur o the ceety haes forbye been uised as a location for several films an televeesion programmes.

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