Ceevil pairish

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Ceevil pairish (Ingland)
Category Pairish
Location Ingland
Foond in Destricts
Creautit bi Various, see text
Creautit Various, see text
Nummer 10,449 (as of 2015[1])
Possible teeps Ceety
Populations 0–80,000
Govrenment Ceety cooncil
Commonty cooncil
Neebourheid cooncil
Pairish cooncil
Toun cooncil
Veelage cooncil
Map o Inglis pairishes an Welsh commonties

In Ingland, a ceevil pairish is a territorial designation which is the lawest tier o local govrenment belaw destricts an counties, or their combined fuirm, the unitar authority. It is a admeenistrative pairish, in contrast tae a ecclesiastical pairish.

A ceevil pairish can range in size frae a lairge toun wi a population o aroond 80,000 tae a single veelage wi fewer than a hunder inhabitants. In a limitit nummer o cases a pairish micht include a whole ceety whaur ceety status haes been grantit bi the Monarch. Reflectin this diverse naitur, a ceevil pairish mey be kent as a toun, veelage, neebourheid or commonty bi resolution o its pairish cooncil. Approximately 35% o the Inglis population live in a ceevil pairish. As o 31 Dizember 2015 thare wur 10,449 pairishes in Ingland.[2]

On 1 Apryle 2014, Queen's Park became the first ceevil pairish in Greater Lunnon.[3] Afore 2008 their creation wis no permittit athin a Lunnon burgh.[4]

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