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Banner o Belgrade
Coat of airms o Belgrade
Coat airms
Location athin Europe an Serbie
Location athin Europe an Serbie
Coordinates: 44°49′14″N 20°27′44″E / 44.82056°N 20.46222°E / 44.82056; 20.46222Coordinates: 44°49′14″N 20°27′44″E / 44.82056°N 20.46222°E / 44.82056; 20.46222
Kintra Serbie
DestrictCeety o Belgrade
Establishmentbefore 279 BC (Singidunum)[2]
 • MayorDragan Đilas (DS)
 • Rulin pairtiesDS/G17+/SPS-PUPS/LDP
 • Ceety359.96 km2 (138.98 sq mi)
 • Metro
3222.68 km2 (1,244.28 sq mi)
Elevation117 m (384 ft)
 • Ceety1,166,763[1]
 • Rank1st
 • Density3,241/km2 (8,390/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Destrict
 • Destrict density514/km2 (1,330/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code(s)(+381) 11
Caur platesBG

Belgrade (Serbie: Београд, Beograd [bɛˈɔɡrad] ( listen)) is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Serbie. The ceety lies at the confluence o the Sava an Danube rivers, whaur the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans.[5] The urban aurie o the Ceety o Belgrade haes a population o 1.23 million, while ower 1.65 million fowk live within its admeenistrative leemits.[1] Its name in Serbian translates tae White ceety.

Belgrade's wider ceety aurie wis the birthplace o the lairgest prehistoric cultur o Europe, the Vinča cultur, as early as the 6t millennium BC.[6][7] In antiquity, the aurie o Belgrade wis inhabitit bi the Thraco-Dacian[8] tribe o Singi who wad gie the name tae the ceety efter a fortress wis foondit in the 3rd century BC bi the Celts, who named it Singidun (dun, fortress)[6] It wis awardit ceety richts bi the Romans[9] afore it wis permanently settled bi Serbs frae the 7t century onwards. As a strategic location, the ceety wis battled ower in 115 wars an razed tae the grund 44 times[10] syne the auncient period bi coontless airmies o the East an Wast. In medieval times, it wis in the possession o Byzantine, Frankish, Bulgarian, Hungarian an Serbian rulers. In 1521 Belgrade wis conquered bi the Ottomans an became the seat o the Pashaluk o Belgrade, as the principal ceety o Ottoman Europe[11] an amang the lairgest European ceeties.[12] Frequently passin frae Ottoman tae Austrian rule which saw destruction o maist o the ceety, the status o Serbian caipital wad be regained ae in 1841, efter the Serbian revolution. Northren Belgrade, tho, remained a Habsburg ootpost till the breakup o Austrick-Hungary in 1918. The unitit ceety then became the caipital o several incarnations o Yugoslavie, up tae 2006, when Serbie became an independent state again.

Belgrade haes the status o a separate territorial unit in Serbie, wi its awn autonomous ceety govrenment.[13] Its territory is dividit intae 17 municipalities, each haein its awn local cooncil.[14] It covers 3.6% o Serbie's territory, an 24% o the kintra's population lives in the ceety.[15] Belgrade is the central economic hub o Serbie, an the caipital o Serbian education an science.

Internaitional cooperation an honours[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thir are the offeecial sister ceeties o Belgrade:[16][17][18][19][20]

Kintra Ceety Year
Greece Corfu 2010
Unitit Kinrick Coventry 1957
United States Chicago 2005
Pakistan Lahore 2007
Slovenie Ljubljana 2010
Israel Tel Aviv 1990
Austrick Vienna 2003

Some o the ceety's municipalities are an aa twinned tae sma ceeties or destricts o ither big ceeties, for details see thair respective airticles.

Ither seemilar forms o cooperation an ceety friendship:

Kintra Ceety Date Form
Greece Athens 1966 Agreement on Friendship an Cooperation
Bosnie an Herzegovinae Banja Luka 2005 Agreement on Cooperation
Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Beijing 1980 Agreement on Cooperation[21]
Germany Berlin 1978 Agreement on Cooperation an Friendship
Germany Düsseldorf 2004 Agreement on Cooperation
Ukraine Kiev 2002 Agreement on Cooperation
Spain Madrid 2001 Agreement on Cooperation
Italy Milan 2000 Memorandum o Agreement, Ceety tae Ceety Programme
Roushie Moscow 2002 Programme o Cooperation
Italy Roum 1971 Agreement on Friendship an Cooperation
Fowkrepublic o Cheenae Shenzhen 2009 Agreement on Cooperation[22]
North Macedonie Skopje Juin, 2006 Agreement on Cooperation[23]

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