Destricts o Serbie

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Destricts o Serbie.

Destricts ([Окрузи, Okruzi] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)), offeecially cried admeenistrative destricts (управни окрузи, upravni okruzi) are the admeenistrative units o Serbie, comprisin several municipalities an/or ceities each. They are defined bi the Govrenment o Serbie's Enactment o 29 Januar 1992. Destricts are regional centers o state authority an they dae no hae ony form o sel-govrenment. They run affairs in the name o the govrenment.

There are 29 destricts in Serbie (7 in Vojvodina, 8 in Šumadija an Wastren Serbie, 9 in Soothren an Eastren Serbie an 5 in Kosovo[a]). The anerlie pairt o Serbie that is no pairt o ony destrict is the territory o the Ceity o Belgrade which has a special status, vera similar tae that o a destrict. Ivery destricts haes its seat in the lairgest ceity o the destrict.

Leet o destricts[eedit | eedit soorce]

Destricts in Šumadija an Wastren Serbie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Destrict Seat Area
in km²
in 2011 (rank)
per km²
Municipalities an ceities Settlements
Kolubara Destrict
(Kolubarski okrug)
Valjevo 2,474 174,228 70.4 218
Mačva Destrict
(Mačvanski okrug)
Šabac 3,268 297,778 91.1 228
Moravica Destrict
(Moravički okrug)
Čačak 3,016 212,149 70.3 206
Pomoravlje Destrict
(Pomoravski okrug)
Jagodina 2,614 212,839 84.8 191
Rasina Destrict
(Rasinski okrug)
Kruševac 2,667 240,463 90.2 296
Raška Destrict
(Raški okrug)
Kraljevo 3,918 300,102 76.6 359
Šumadija Destrict
(Šumadijski okrug)
Kragujevac 2,387 290,900 121.8 174
Zlatibor Destrict
(Zlatiborski okrug)
Užice 6,140 284,729 46.4 438

Destricts in Soothren an Eastren Serbie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Destrict Seat Area
in km²
in 2011 (rank)
per km²
Municipalities an ceities Settlements
Bor Destrict
(Borski okrug)
Bor 3,507 123,848 35.3 90
Braničevo Destrict
(Braničevski okrug)
Požarevac 3,865 180,480 46.7 189
Jablanica Destrict
(Jablanički okrug)
Leskovac 2,769 215,463 77.8 336
Nišava Destrict
(Nišavski okrug)
Niš 2,729 373,404 136.8 285
Pčinja Destrict
(Pčinjski okrug)
Vranje 3,520 158,717 45.1 363
Pirot Destrict
(Pirotski okrug)
Pirot 2,761 92,277 33.4 214
Podunavlje Destrict
(Podunavski okrug)
Smederevo 1,248 198,184 158.8 58
Toplica Destrict
(Toplički okrug)
Prokuplje 2,231 90,600 40.6 267
Zaječar Destrict
(Zaječarski okrug)
Zaječar 3,623 118,295 32.6 173

Destricts in Vojvodina[eedit | eedit soorce]

Districts in Vojvodina.
Destrict Seat Area
in km²
in 2011 (rank)
per km²
Municipalities an ceities Settlements
Central Banat Destrict
(Srednjebanatski okrug)
Zrenjanin 3,256 186,851 57.4 55
North Bačka Destrict
(Severnobački okrug)
Subotica 1,784 185,552 104.0 45
North Banat Destrict
(Severnobanatski okrug)
Kikinda 2,329 146,690 63.0 50
Sooth Bačka Destrict
(Južnobački okrug)
Novi Sad 4,016 607,835 151.3 77
Sooth Banat Destrict
(Južnobanatski okrug)
Pančevo 4,245 291,327 68.6 94
Srem Destrict
(Sremski okrug)
Sremska Mitrovica 3,486 311,053 89.2 109
Wast Bačka Destrict
(Zapadnobački okrug)
Sombor 2,420 187,581 77.5 37

Destricts in Kosovo an Metohija[eedit | eedit soorce]

Destricts in Kosovo an Metohia.

Five o Serbie Destricts are on the territory o Kosovo, comprisin 28 municipalities an 1 ceity. In 2000, UNMIK creatit 7 new destricts an 30 municipalities. Serbie does no exercise sovereignty ower this polity. For the UNMIK destricts an the destricts o Kosovo, see Destricts o Kosovo. For kent raisons an the whole situation on Kosovo an Metohija, it wis no includit in 2011 census so there is nae newer information aboot demographics on the territory o Kosovo an Metohija.

Destrict Seat Population
in 2002 (rank)
Municipalities an ceities
Kosovo Destrict
(Kosovski okrug)
Pristina 672,292
Kosovo-Pomoravlje Destrict
(Kosovsko-Pomoravski okrug)
Gnjilane 217,726
Kosovska Mitrovica Destrict
(Kosovskomitrovički okrug)
Kosovska Mitrovica 275,904
Peć Destrict
(Pećki okrug)
Peć 414,187
Prizren Destrict
(Prizrenski okrug)
Prizren 376,085

Notes an references[eedit | eedit soorce]

a.   ^ Kosovo is the subject o a territorial dispute atween the Republic o Serbie an the sel-proclaimed Republic o Kosovo. The latter declared unthirldom on 17 Februar 2008, but Serbie continues tae claim it as pairt o its awn sovereign territory. Kosovo's independence haes been recognised bi 103 oot o 193 Unitit Nations member states.

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