Coonties o Swaden

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The Coonties o Swaden (Swadish: län) are the first level admeenistrative an poleetical subdiveesions o Swaden. Swaden is dividit intae 21 coonties. The coonties wur established in 1634 on Coont Axel Oxenstierna's initiative, supersedin the historical provinces o Swaden (Swadish: landskap) tae introduce a modren admeenistration. At that time, they wur what the translation o län intae Inglis literally means; fiefdoms. The coonty borders aften trail the provincial borders, but the Croun aften chuise tae mak slicht relocations tae suit their purposes. There are controversial proposals tae divide Swaden intae lairger regions, replacin the current counties.

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Wi offeecial coonty codes.

Coonties o Swaden

Comparin wi provinces o Swaden, ane sees mony similarities. Bauld lines are coonties, colors are provinces.

Ilka coonty is further dividit intae municipalities (kommuner), the existence o which is pairtly at the discretion o the central govrenment. Syne 2004 their number haes been 290, thus an average o 13.8 municipalities per coonty. (See Municipalities o Swaden)

Till 1968, the Ceety o Stockholm haed its awn "coonty code" A, which is still uised interchangeably wi AB in some contexts.

The Coonty o Stockholm haed coonty code B an aw.

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