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Regions o Slovakie

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Syne 1949 (except 1990–1996), Slovakie haes been dividit intae a number o kraje (singular kraj; uisually translatit as "Regions" wi caipital R). Their number, borders an functions hae been chyngit several times. There are currently aicht regions o Slovakie an they correspond tae the EU's NUTS 3 level o local admeenistrative units. Each kraj consists o okresy (counties). There are currently 79 Destricts.

Afore 1949[eedit | eedit soorce]

Historically, Slovakie wis no dividit intae kraje, but intae coonties (Slovak: župy or stolice). This wis the case when present-day Slovakie wis pairt o:

In 1928–1939 (an formally 1945–1948 an aw) Slovakie as a whole formit the admeenistrative unit "Slovak land" (Krajina slovenská) athin Czechoslovakie.

Kraje 24 December 1948/1 Januar 1949 – June 30, 1960[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Bratislavský kraj (Bratislava Region)
  • Banskobystrický kraj (Banská Bystrica Region)
  • Košický kraj (Košice Region)
  • Nitriansky kraj (Nitra Region)
  • Prešovský kraj (Prešov Region)
  • Žilinský kraj (Žilina Region)

Each kraj was named after its principal city.

Kraje 1 Julie 1960 – 19 December 1990[eedit | eedit soorce]

Note: The kraje wur abolished frae 1 Julie 1969 tae 28 December 1970 an reintroducit then.

Kraje syne 24 Julie 1996[eedit | eedit soorce]

Efter a period athoot kraje an athoot ony equivalent (1990–1996), the kraje wur reintroducit in 1996. As for admeenistrative division, Slovakie haes been subdividit intae 8 kraje.

  1. Bratislavský kraj (Bratislava Region) (caipital Bratislava)
  2. Trnavský kraj (Trnava Region) (caipital Trnava)
  3. Trenčiansky kraj (Trenčín Region) (caipital Trenčín)
  4. Nitriansky kraj (Nitra Region) (caipital Nitra)
  5. Žilinský kraj (Žilina Region) (caipital Žilina)
  6. Banskobystrický kraj (Banská Bystrica Region) (caipital Banská Bystrica)
  7. Prešovský kraj (Prešov Region) (caipital Prešov)
  8. Košický kraj (Košice Region) (caipital Košice)
Nr. Region Pop. Aurie (km²) Densitie
1 Bratislava 603,699 2,052.6 294.11
2 Trnava 554,172 4,172.2 132.76
3 Trenčín 600,386 4,501.9 133.36
4 Nitra 708,498 6,343.4 111.69
5 Žilina 694,763 6,808.4 102.04
6 Banská Bystrica 657,119 9,454.8 69.50
7 Prešov 798,596 8,974.5 88.98
8 Košice 771,947 6,751.9 114.33

Syne 2002, Slovakie is dividit intae 8 samosprávne kraje (sel-govrenin regions), which are cried bi the Constitution vyššie územné celky (Heicher Territorial Units), abbr. VÚC. The territory an borders o the sel-govrenin regions are identical wi the territory an borders o the kraje. Therefore, the wird "kraj" can be replaced by "VÚC" or "samosprávny kraj" in each case in the abuin leet. The main difference is that organs o samosprávne kraje are sel-govrenance, wi an electit chairperson an assembly, while the organs o kraje are appointit bi the govrenment.

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