Regions o Belaroushie

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At the top level o admeenistration, the Eastren European kintra o Belaroushie is dividit intae sax voblasts (meanin "provinces" or "regions") an the ceety o Minsk,[1] which haes a special status being the caipital o Belaroushie. Minsk is an aa the caipital o Minsk Region.[2]

At the seicont level, the voblasts are dividit intae raions ("districts").

The layoot an extent o the voblasts wur set in 1960 when Belaroushie (then Byelorussian SSR) wis a pairt o the Soviet Union.[3]

Map[eedit | eedit soorce]

No. Subdiveesion Caipital Belaroushie Population
(01.01.2009 est.)[4]
1 Minsk (caipital) Мінск 1,829,100
2 Brest Region Brest Брэсцкая вобласць 1,433,100
3 Gomel Region Gomel Гомельская вобласць 1,464,500
4 Grodno Region Hrodna Гродзенская вобласць 1,102,800
5 Mogilev Region Mogilev Магілёўская вобласць 1,123,100
6 Minsk Region Minsk Мінская вобласць 1,454,000
7 Vitebsk Region Vitebsk Віцебская вобласць 1,265,300

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

At the stairt o the 20t century, the bundaries o the Belaroushie lands athin the Roushie Empire wur still being defined. The amoont o territory that wis cried Belaroushie contained the entire Minsk Govrenorate an Mogilev Govrenorate, the majority o Hrodna Govrenorate, pairts o Vitebsk Govrenorate an the pairts o Vilna Govrenorate (the latter is nou in Lithuanie).[3]

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