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Vitebsk Region

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Vitsebsk Voblast or (Belaroushie: Ві́цебская во́бласць; Vitsebskaya Voblast; Roushie: Ви́тебская о́бласть; Vitebskaya Oblast) is a province (voblast) o Belaroushie wi its admeenistrative center being Vitebsk (Viciebsk). As o a 2009 estimate, the voblast haes a population o 1,230,800.[1] It an aw haes the lawest population density in Belaroushie at 30.6 p/km².

Important ceeties athin the region include: Vitebsk, Orsha, an Navapolatsk.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Map o the admeenistrative subdiveesions o the Vitsebsk Region.

The Vitsebsk Voblast covers an aurie o 40,100 km², which is aboot 19.4 % o the naitional total. It is bordered on the north an east bi the Roushie oblasts o Pskov an Smolensk, on the sooth bi Minsk an Mahilyow Regions, on the soothwast bi Minsk an Hrodna Regions, an on the wast an northwast bi Vilnius Coonty an Utena Coonty o Lithuanie an Daugavpils municipality o an Latvie.

In 2000 Belaroushie scientists Alexey Solomonov an Valery Anoshko published a report in which they statit that the geographic centre o Europe wis locatit near lake Sho (Belaroushie: Шо) in Vitsebsk Voblast. [1]Archived 2007-10-07 at the Wayback Machine

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Vitebsk Voblast haes a number o important transport connections wi Roushie, Ukraine, the Baltic kintras, an Poland. Haein strang economic tees wi the neighborin Baltic kintras an Roushie, the voblast trees tae maintain a free trade aurie aroond its admeenistrative center, Vitsebsk, nou attractin foreign investments.

Admeenistrative subdiveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Vitsebsk Region is subdividit intae 21 raions, 5 ceeties o oblast subordinance, 19 additional ceeties, 249 selsovets, an 26 urban-type settlements.

Demographics[eedit | eedit soorce]

Vitebsk currently haes the lawest birth rate an the seicont heichest daith rate in aw o Belaroushie. As o 2008, the birth rate wis 9.7 per 1000, while the daith rate wis 15.5 per 1000. [2]

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