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A Dutch province represents the admeenistrative layer in atween the naitional govrenment an the local municipalities, haein the responsibility for matters o subnaitional or regional importance. The govrenment o each province consists o three major pairts: the Provinciale Staten which is the provincial parliament electit ivery fower years. Electit frae its members are the Gedeputeerde Staten, a college chairgit wi maist executive tasks, presidit bi the Commissaris van de Koningin appointit bi the Croun.

Diveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

The modren-day Netherlands is dividit intae twal provinces (provincies in Dutch) an three owerseas public bodies (openbare lichamen, cried "special municipalities" as they are no pairt o a province an aw).

Regions an their caipitals[eedit | eedit soorce]

The twal provinces are leetit belaw wi their caipital ceety:

Flag Airms Province Dutch name Caipital Queen's Commissioner Aurie
Population Density
(per km²)
Flag of Drenthe Coat of arms of Drenthe Drenthe Drenthe Assen Jacques Tichelaar &00000000000026520000002,652 &0000000000482300000000482,300 &0000000000000182000000182
Flag of Flevoland Coat of arms of Flevoland Flevoland Flevoland Lelystad Leen Verbeek &00000000000014260000001,426 &0000000000356400000000356,400 &0000000000000250000000250
Flag of Friesland Coat of arms of Friesland Friesland Friesland / Fryslân (Wast Frisie) Leeuwarden John Jorritsma &00000000000033610000003,361 &0000000000642500000000642,500 &0000000000000191000000191
Flag of Gelderland Coat of arms of Gelderland Gelderland Gelderland Arnhem Clemens Cornielje &00000000000049950000004,995 &00000000019676000000001,967,600 &0000000000000394000000394
Flag o Groningen Coat o airms o Groningen Groningen Groningen Groningen Max van den Berg &00000000000023440000002,344 &0000000000575900000000575,900 &0000000000000246000000246
Flag of Limburg
Coat of arms of Limburg
Limburg Limburg Maastricht Léon Frissen (called governor in Limburg) &00000000000021670000002,167 &00000000011430000000001,143,000 &0000000000000527000000527
Flag of North Brabant Coat of arms of North Brabant North Brabant Noord-Brabant 's-Hertogenbosch[A] Wim van de Donk &00000000000049380000004,938 &00000000024069000000002,406,900 &0000000000000487000000487
Flag of North Holland
Coat of arms of North Holland
North Holland Noord-Holland Haarlem Johan Remkes &00000000000026600000002,660 &00000000025839000000002,583,900 &0000000000000971000000971
Flag of Overijssel Coat of arms of Overijssel Overijssel Overijssel Zwolle Ank Bijleveld &00000000000033370000003,337 &00000000011058000000001,105,800 &0000000000000331000000331
Flag of South Holland Coat of arms of South Holland Sooth Holland Zuid-Holland The Hague[B] Jan Franssen &00000000000028600000002,860 &00000000034530000000003,453,000 &00000000000012070000001,207
Flag of Utrecht Coat of arms of Utrecht Utrecht Utrecht Utrecht Roel Robbertsen &00000000000013560000001,356 &00000000011592000000001,159,200 &0000000000000855000000855
Flag of Zeeland Coat of arms of Zeeland Zeeland Zeeland Middelburg Karla Peijs &00000000000017920000001,792 &0000000000378300000000378,300 &0000000000000211000000211
  1. ^ An aw, though no officeeally, abbreviatit as Den Bosch.
  2. ^ Dutch: Den Haag, offeecially an aw: 's-Gravenhage.

Public bodies o the Netherlands[eedit | eedit soorce]

The three public bodies o the Bonaire, Sint Eustatius an Saba, became pairt o the Netherlands proper on 10 October 2010, but are no pairt o ony province.[1]

Flag Airms Public Body Dutch name Caipital Aurie
Population[3] Density
(per km²)
Flag of Bonaire
Coat of arms of Bonaire
Bonaire Bonaire / Boneiru (Papiamento) Kralendijk &0000000000000294000000294 &000000000001541400000015,414 &000000000000005200000052
Flag of Sint Eustatius
Coat of arms of Sint Eustatius
Sint Eustatius Sint Eustatius Oranjestad &000000000000002100000021 &00000000000033000000003,300 &0000000000000157000000157
Flag of Saba
Coat of arms of Saba
Saba Saba The Bottom &000000000000001300000013 &00000000000020000000002,000 &0000000000000154000000154

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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