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A Dutch province represents the admeenistrative layer in atween the naitional govrenment an the local municipalities, haein the responsibility for matters o subnaitional or regional importance. The govrenment o each province consists o three major pairts: the Provinciale Staten which is the provincial parliament electit ivery fower year. Electit frae its members are the Gedeputeerde Staten, a college chairgit wi maist executive tasks, presidit bi the Commissaris van de Koningin appointit bi the Croun.

Diveesion[eedit | eedit soorce]

The modren-day Netherlands is dividit intae twal provinces (provincies in Dutch) an three owerseas public bodies (openbare lichamen, cried "special municipalities" as they are no pairt o a province an aw).

Regions an their caipitals[eedit | eedit soorce]

The twal provinces are leetit belaw wi their caipital ceety:

Flag Airms Province Dutch name Caipital Queen's Commissioner Aurie
Population Density
(per km²)
Flag of Drenthe Coat of arms of Drenthe Drenthe Drenthe Assen Jetta Klijnsma 2,652 482,300 182
Flag of Flevoland Coat of arms of Flevoland Flevoland Flevoland Lelystad Leen Verbeek 1,426 356,400 250
Flag of Friesland Coat of arms of Friesland Friesland Friesland / Fryslân (Wast Frisie) Leeuwarden Arno Brok 3,361 642,500 191
Flag of Gelderland Coat of arms of Gelderland Gelderland Gelderland Arnhem John Berends 4,995 1,967,600 394
Flag o Groningen Coat o airms o Groningen Groningen Groningen Groningen René Paas 2,344 575,900 246
Flag of Limburg
Coat of arms of Limburg
Limburg Limburg Maastricht Theo Bovens (called governor in Limburg) 2,167 1,143,000 527
Flag of North Brabant Coat of arms of North Brabant North Brabant Noord-Brabant 's-Hertogenbosch[A] Wim van de Donk 4,938 2,406,900 487
Flag of North Holland
Coat of arms of North Holland
North Holland Noord-Holland Haarlem Arthur van Dijk 2,660 2,583,900 971
Flag of Overijssel Coat of arms of Overijssel Overijssel Overijssel Zwolle Andries Heidema 3,337 1,105,800 331
Flag of South Holland Coat of arms of South Holland Sooth Holland Zuid-Holland The Hague[B] Jaap Smit 2,860 3,453,000 1,207
Flag of Utrecht Coat of arms of Utrecht Utrecht Utrecht Utrecht Hans Oosters 1,356 1,159,200 855
Flag of Zeeland Coat of arms of Zeeland Zeeland Zeeland Middelburg Han Polman 1,792 378,300 211
  1. ^ An aw, though no officeeally, abbreviatit as Den Bosch.
  2. ^ Dutch: Den Haag, offeecially an aw: 's-Gravenhage.

Public bodies o the Netherlands[eedit | eedit soorce]

The three public bodies o the Bonaire, Sint Eustatius an Saba, became pairt o the Netherlands proper on 10 October 2010, but are no pairt o ony province.[1]

Flag Airms Public Body Dutch name Caipital Aurie
Population[3] Density
(per km²)
Flag of Bonaire
Coat of arms of Bonaire
Bonaire Bonaire / Boneiru (Papiamento) Kralendijk 294 15,414 52
Flag of Sint Eustatius
Coat of arms of Sint Eustatius
Sint Eustatius Sint Eustatius Oranjestad 21 3,300 157
Flag of Saba
Coat of arms of Saba
Saba Saba The Bottom 13 2,000 154

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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