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Grodno Region (Belaroushie: Гродзенская вобласць, Hrodzienskaja vobłasć; Roushie: Гродненская область Grodnenskaya Oblast; Pols: Obwód grodzieński) is a voblast (province) in northwastren Belaroushie.

The caipital - Grodno is the biggest ceety o the province. It lees on the Neman River.

Demographics (2002)[eedit | eedit soorce]

The province covers an aurie o 25,000 km² an haes a population o 1,146,100 (2004 estimate), givin a population density o 46/km². Aboot 63.5% live in ceeties an touns, while 36.5% live in rural auries. Females accoont for 53% o the region's population an men 47%. There are about 310,000 childer unner 19, an aboot 240,000 fowk aged ower 60.

Belaroushies accoont for 62.3% o the population. The region is hame tae a significant minority population: Poles (24.8%), Roushies (10%), Ukrainians (1.8%), Jews (0.4%), Tatars (0.2%), Lithuanians (0.2%), ither naitionalities (0.4%).

Whereas Belaroushie as a whole is primarily Roushie Orthodox, Grodno Voblast haes twa major releegions, Roman Catholic an Roushie Orthodox. There are 449 releegious communities an 18 denominations, 2 Roushie Orthodox eparchial destricts, 1 Orthodox nun sorority, 2 Catholic monk britherhuids, 1 Catholic nun sorority, 2 Orthodox an 4 Catholic monasteries, 165 Orthodox an 169 Catholic churches. The Catholic minority is made up maistly o Poles, although the identifier "Pole" haes an aw been historically appleed tae Catholic Belaroushies.

There are a number on naitional minority associations: 6 Pols, 6 Lithuanian, 4 Jewish, 1 Ukrainian, 1 Roushie, 1 Tatar, 1 Georgian, 1 Chuvash.

Admeenistrative subdiveesions[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Grodno Region is subdividit intae 17 destricts (raions), 194 selsovets, 12 ceeties, 6 ceety municipalities, an 21 urban-type settlements.

  • Berestovitsa Destrict
  • Volkovysk Destrict
  • Voronovo Destrict
  • Grodno Destrict
  • Diatlovo Destrict
  • Zelva Destrict
  • Ivje Destrict
  • Korelichi Destrict
  • Lida Destrict
  • Mosty Destrict
  • Novogrudok Destrict
  • Oshmyany Destrict
  • Ostrovets Destrict
  • Svisloch Destrict
  • Slonim Destrict
  • Smorgon Destrict
  • Schuchin Destrict

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