Peć Destrict (Serbie)

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Pećki okrug
Пећки округ
Location o Peć Destrict in Serbie
Location o Peć Destrict in Serbie
Kintra Serbie
 (2002 census)
 • Total414,187

The Peć Destrict ([Пећки округ or Pećki okrug] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help), cried Dukagjin or Regjioni i Pejës in Albanie an aw) wis a destrict in Kosovo atween 1990 an 1999. It wis locatit in the wast pairt o Kosovo i Metohija. 90% o its population o 414,187 is Albanie, but thare live anither ethnic groups such as Serbs, Roma, etc an aw. Seat o the Destrict wis in the ceety o Peć. Frae ane point o view o the Serbie govrenment the destrict de jure still exist, despite the fact that Serbie govrenment acceptit ceevil UN admeenistration ower Kosovo.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

The destricts o Kosovo an Metohija at the time

It includit the municipalities o:

Culture and history[eedit | eedit soorce]

Peć is first mentioned in 1302, as a seat o the Serbie Patriarchy. The Patriairchate o Peć consists o a group o monasteries an haes been the seat o the Serb Archbishops an Patriarchs for about 200 year syne its foundation. It is famous for the Patriarchate of Peć Church, the official residence o the Patriarchs o the Serb Orthodox Church. The Patriarchy wis restored by the Muslim Serb Mehmed Paša Sokolović frae eastern Bosnia, wha wis the Ottoman Vizier. Housomever the Patriarchs dinna actually bide here for mony years, they bide in Belgrade.

The frescoes frae the kirk o St. Apostles, datin frae the thirteenth century, rank amang the maist remarkable medieval Serbian paintings. Ower the centuries, kirks an ither biggins o the Peć Patriarchy haes been destroyed an reconstruct several times. The appearance thir days dates back tae 1931-1932. The Visoki Dečani Monastery is ane o the maist grandiose monuments o the Serb medieval culture. It is the endowment of King Stefan Dečanski, built frae 1327 tae 1335.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The main activities in Peć Destrict are leather an fuitwear, forestry, industrial, agricultural-industrial, an a caur spare-pairts factory.

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