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Destrict o Peć

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Destrict o Peć
Qarku i Pejës
Pećki okrug/region

Peć Destrict athin Kosovo
Caipital Peć (Peja)
 – Total
 – % water

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Aurie code ?
Postal code ?
Time zone CET, summer CEST

The Destrict o Peć or Destrict o Peja (Albanie: Qarku i Pejës; Serbie: Пећки округ or Pećki okrug/region) is ane the seiven destricts o Kosovo; it haes its seat in the ceety o Peć.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

The destrict includes the municipalities o:

Ethnic groups[eedit | eedit soorce]

Aw 3 municipalities in the destrict hae Albanie majority. Accordin tae the 1991 census, the population o the Peć municipality includit 75.46% Albanies, 11.56% Serbs an Montenegrins, an 7.73% Muslims bi naitionality. The population o the Istok municipality includit 76.68% Albanies, 12.70% Serbs an Montenegrins, an 7.11% Muslims bi naitionality. The population o the Klina municipality includit 85.93% Albanies, an 9.16% Serbs an Montenegrins.

Postal Code[eedit | eedit soorce]

Postal Code of Kosovo – 30000 Peć
Destrict Municipality Local Code
Peć Peć Peć 30000
Peć Peć Peć 1 30010
Peć Peć Peć 3 30030
Peć Peć Peć 4 30040
Peć Peć Peć 5 30050
Peć Peć Peć 8 30080
Peć Peć Vitomirica 30090
Peć Istok Istok 31000
Peć Istok Pećka Banja 31010
Peć Istok Djurakovac 31020
Peć Peć Goraždevac 31030
Peć Klina Klina 32000
Peć Klina Budisavci 32050
Source:The Post Code of Kosovo has been approved by the Univeresal Postal Union (UPU)
Ref: Post and Telecom of Kosovo|PTK Archived 2006-06-30 at the Wayback Machine

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