Wast Bačka Destrict

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Zapadnobački okrug
Западнобачки округ
Location o Wast Bačka Destrict in Serbie
Location o Wast Bačka Destrict in Serbie
Kintra Serbie
 • Commissionern/a
 • Total2,420 km2 (930 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Total188,087
 • Density77.5/km2 (201/sq mi)
Municipalities3 an 1 ceety
- Ceeties an touns5
- Veelages32

Wast Bačka Destrict ([Западнобачки округ / Zapadnobački okrug] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help)) is a northren destrict o Serbie. It lees in the region o Bačka, in the autonomous province o Vojvodina. It haes a population of 188,087. The seat o the destrict is Sombor.

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Serbie, the destrict is kent as Zapadnobački okrug or Западнобачки округ, in Croatie as Zapadnobački okrug, in Bunjevac as Zapadnobački okrug, in Hungarian as Nyugat-bácskai körzet, in Slovak as Západnobáčsky okres, in Rusyn as Заходнобачки окрух, an in Romanie as Districtul Bacica de Vest.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

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Ethnic map (2002 census)

It encompasses the municipalities o:

Ethnic groups[eedit | eedit soorce]

Population o Wast Bačka Destrict accordin tae ethnic group 2002–2011.
census 2002 census 2011
Nummer % Nummer %
Serbs 134,644 62.92% 122,848 65.31%
Hungarians 21,825 10.2% 17,576 9.34%
Croats 12,960 6.06% 10,879 5.78%
Montenegrins 9,182 4.29% 5,070 2.70%
Rusyns 5,535 2.59% 4,718 2.51%
Roma 1,941 0.91% 3,018 1.60%
Bunjevci 2,806 1.31% 2,162 1.15%
Ukrainians 1,508 0.71% 1,344 0.71%
Romanies 1,620 0.76% 1,340 0.71%
Yugoslavs 6,870 3.21% 1,274 0.68%
Slovaks 1,264 0.59% 1,096 0.58%
Total 214,011 188,087

Admeenistrative history[eedit | eedit soorce]

In the 9t century, the aurie wis ruled bi the Bulgarian-Slavic duke Salan. Frae 11t tae 16t century, durin the admeenistration o the medieval Kinrick o Hungary, the aurie wis dividit atween the Bodrogiensis Coonty, Bacsensis Coonty, an Csongradiensis Coonty. In 1526-1527, the aurie wis ruled bi the unthirlt Serb ruler, emperor Jovan Nenad, while durin Ottoman admeenistration (16t-17t century), it wis pairt o the Sanjak o Segedin.

Durin Habsburg admeenistration (18t century), the aurie wis dividit atween the Batsch Coonty, Bodrog Coonty an the Militar Frontier. The twa coonties wur joined intae single Batsch-Bodrog Coonty in the 18t century. Syne the abolishment o the Theiß-Marosch section o the Militar Frontier in 1751, pairt o that territory wis includit intae Batsch-Bodrog Coonty an aw. In 1850s, the aurie wis maistly pairt o the Sombor Destrict, wi some pairts in the Novi Sad Destrict. Efter 1860, the aurie wis again includit intae Batsch-Bodrog Coonty.

Durin the ryal Serb-Croat-Slovene (Yugoslav) admeenistration (1918-1941), the aurie wis pairt o the Novi Sad Coonty (1918-1922), Bačka Oblast (1922-1929), an Danube Banovina (1929-1941).

Durin the Hungarian-German Axis occupation (1941-1944), the aurie wis includit intae Bács-Bodrog Coonty. Syne 1944, the aurie wis pairt o autonomous Yugoslav Vojvodina (which wis pairt o new socialist Yugoslav Serbie syne 1945). The present-day destricts o Serbie (includin Waest Bačka Destrict) wur defined bi the Govrenment o Serbie's Enactment o 29 Januar 1992.

Cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sombor is a toun o rich cultural tradeetion: the Roman Catholic kirk an the Franciscan Monastery frae the 18t century, the Perish Hopse oreeginatin frae the early nineteent century, the iconostasis o the Big an Sma Orthodox kirk in Stapar are protectit monuments registered as cultural heritage, which bear witness tae the lang history o this toun.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The day the municipality o Sombor haes 1,000 km² o agricultural laund, oot o which 970 km² maks up the arable laund. Besides fermin, cattle raisin plays an important pairt an aw.

Still mair dynamic development is achievit in industrie, wi the prevailin "Bane" metal complex, the Sombor battery factory, the "Crvena zastava" van factory, the "Dunav" shipyard, an pairticularly fuid industry which wi the capacities o its "Sunce" ile factory an "Somboled" diary, carries oot entirely aw the processin o the agricultural yield.

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  • Note: Aw offeecial material made available bi the Govrenment o Serbie is public bi law. Information wis taken frae offeecial wabsteid.

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