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The Serbs ([Срби, Srbi] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help), pronounced [sr̩̂bi]) are a naition an Sooth Slavic ethnic group livin mainly in the Balkans an soothren Central Europe. Serbs inhabit Serbie an the disputit territory o Kosovo, as well as Montenegro, Bosnie an Herzegovinae (maistly in Republika Srpska) an form significant minorities in Croatie, the Republic o Macedonie an Slovenie. Likewise, Serbs are an offeecially recognisit minority in Romanie, Hungary, Albania, the Czech Republic an Slovakie. The Serbie leid is in offeecial uise in Greece an aw. Thare is a lairge Serbie diaspora (includin some autochthonous minorities) in Wastren Europe, pairticularly in Germany, Swaden, Swisserland, Austrick, Fraunce, Italy an the Unitit Kinrick. Ootside Europe, thare are significant Serbie commonties in the Unitit States, Canadae an Australie.

The Serbs share cultural traits wi the rest o Sootheastren Europe, an are predominantly Orthodox Christians bi releegion. The Serbie leid is considered a staundartisit register o Serbo-Croatie; it is an offeecial leid in Serbie (in the disputit Kosovo an aw) an Bosnie-Herzegovinae, an is spoken bi a majority in Montenegro. Serbie is the anerlie European leid wi active digraphia, uisin baith Cyrillic an Laitin alphabets.

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