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Mount Athos

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  • Autonomous Monastic State o the Holy Muntain
    Αὐτόνομη Μοναστικὴ Πολιτεία Ἁγίου Ὄρους
    (Aftonomi Monastiki Politia Agiou Orous)

  • Holy Muntain
    Ἅγιον Ὄρος
    (Agion Oros)

  • Mount Athos
A map o Greece wi Mount Athos shawn in red
Location and extent o Mount Athos (reid) in Greece
  • Athonite (Αθωνίτης)
  • Agiorite (Αγιορείτης)
• Ceevil Govrenor
Aristos Kasmiroglou
• Protos (Elder Monk)
Faither Paul
• Constitutional reaffirmation
• Total
335.63 km2 (129.59 sq mi)
• 2011 census
• Density
5.40/km2 (14.0/sq mi)
CurrencyEuro (€)
  1. Location o the primary kirk (the Protaton) for the Athonite admeenistration[2] an the seat o the Protos (elder monk) since 911.
Peak o Mount Athos
Heichest pynt
Elevation2,030 m (6,660 ft)
Prominence2,012 m (6,601 ft)
Coordinates40°09′26″N 24°19′35″E / 40.15722°N 24.32639°E / 40.15722; 24.32639Coordinates: 40°09′26″N 24°19′35″E / 40.15722°N 24.32639°E / 40.15722; 24.32639
Mount Athos is located in Greece
Mount Athos
Mount Athos
Location o Moont Athos in Greece.
Moont Athos
UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid
CriteriaMixed: i, ii, iv, v, vi, vii
Inscription1988 (12t Session)

Mount Athos (/ˈæθɒs/; [Όρος Άθως, Óros Áthos] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help) [ˈoros ˈaθos]) is a muntain an peninsula in Greece. A Warld Heritage Steid an autonomous polity in the Hellenic Republic, Athos is hame tae 20 stavropegial Eastren Orthodox monasteries unner the direct jurisdiction o the patriairch o Constantinople. The day Greeks commonly refer tae Mount Athos as the "Holy Muntain" ([Άγιον Όρος, Agion Oros] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help) [ˈaʝon ˈoros]). In Classical times, while the muntain wis cried Athos, the peninsula wis cried Akté (Ἀκτὴ) (sometimes Acte or Akte).


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The peninsula, the eastmaist "leg" o the lairger Chalkidiki peninsula, protrudes 50 kilometre (31 mi)[3] intae the Aegean Sea at a width o atween 7 an 12 kilometre (4.3 an 7.5 mi) an covers a aurie o 335.6 square kilometre (129.58 sq mi). The actual Mount Athos haes steep, densely forestit slopes reachin up tae 2,033 metre (6,670 ft). The surroondin seas, especially at the end o the peninsula, can be dangerous. In auncient Greek history twa fleet disasters in the aurie are recorded: In 492 BC Darius, the keeng o Persie, lost 300 ships unner general Mardonius (Herodotus "Histories" beuk VI (Erato), Aeschylus "The Persians"). In 411 BC the Spartans lost a fleet o 50 ships unner admiral Epicleas. (Diodorus Siculus, "Bibliotheca historica" XIII 41, 1–3).

Tho laund-linkit, Mount Athos is practically accessible anerlie bi ferry. The Agios Panteleimon an Axion Estin travel daily (wather permittin) atween Ouranoupoli an Dafni, wi stops at some monasteries on the wastren coast. Thare is a smawer speed boat an aw, the Agia Anna, which travels the same route, but wi nae intermediate stops. It is possible tae travel bi ferry tae an frae Ierissos for direct access tae monasteries alang the eastren coast.

The nummer o daily visitors tae Moont Athos is restrictit, an aw are required tae obtain a special entrance permit valid for a limitit period. Anerlie males are permittit tae visit the territory, which is called "Garden o the Virgin" bi the monks,[4] wi Orthodox Christians takkin precedence in permit issuance procedures. Residents on the island must be males agit 18 an ower who are members o the Eastren Orthodox Kirk, an must be either monks or wirkers.


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