North Bačka Destrict

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Severnobački okrug
Севернобачки округ
Észak-bácskai körzet
Sjevernobački okrug
Severobáčsky okres
Сивернобачки окрух
Districtul Bacica de Nord
Location o North Bačka Destrict in Serbie
Location o North Bačka Destrict in Serbie
Kintra Serbie
 • CommissionerZoran Prćić
 • Total1,784 km2 (689 sq mi)
 (2011 census)
 • Total185,552
 • Density104.0/km2 (269/sq mi)
Municipalities2 an 1 ceety
- Ceeties an touns3
- Veelages42
Map o North Bačka Destrict
Ethnic map o North Bačka Destrict

North Bačka Destrict (Serbie: Севернобачки округ, Severnobački okrug; Hungarian: Észak-bácskai körzet; Croatie: Sjevernobački okrug; Bunjevac: Sivernobački okrug; Slovak: Severobáčsky okres; Rusyn: Сивернобачки окрух; Romanie: Districtul Bacica de Nord) is a northren destrict o Serbie. It lees in the Bačka region in the autonomous province o Vojvodina. It haes a population o 185,552. The seat o the destrict is Subotica.

Municipalities[eedit | eedit soorce]

The North Bačka Destrict comprises three municipalities an 45 local communities.

The municipalities are:

Releegions an Churches[eedit | eedit soorce]

Subotica is a multi-ethnic an multi-releegious center; in addition tae the major Roman Catholic an Serb Orthodox communities, there are nearly thirty ither sma-size releegious communities in the toun. The maist remarkable releegious biggins are the Cathedral o St Teresa o Avila from 1797, the Franciscan Monastery from 1723, the Orthodox Kirk frae the 18t century, the Synagogue an Orthodox Kirk in Aleksandrovo, baith frae the 17t century.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

In keepin wi its vera rich resources, the region's fuid processin industry is well developit. The best examples are "29 novembar" meat industry, "Pionir" Sweets Factory an "Fidelinka" bread an flour products factory. Subotica ranks amang the leadin communities in Serbie when it comes tae crop (maize, wheat an sunflouer) yields.

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