Gornji Milanovac

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Gornji Milanovac

Горњи Милановац

Clockwise, frae tap: Toun centre at nicht, Takovski ustanak gymnasium, Kirk o Haly Trinity, "Takovski grm" Memorial Complex, The Auld Coort biggin
Banner o Gornji Milanovac
Coat of airms o Gornji Milanovac
Coat airms
"Време и моје право (Time and my right)"
Location o the municipality o Gornji Milanovac within Serbie
Location o the municipality o Gornji Milanovac within Serbie
Coordinates: 44°01′27″N 20°27′36″E / 44.02417°N 20.46000°E / 44.02417; 20.46000Coordinates: 44°01′27″N 20°27′36″E / 44.02417°N 20.46000°E / 44.02417; 20.46000
Kintra Serbia
RegionŠumadija an Wastren Serbie
 • MayorDejan Kovačević (SNS)
Area rank21st
 • Municipality836 km2 (323 sq mi)
310 m (1,020 ft)
 (2011 census)[2]
 • Rank37t
 • Toun
 • Municipality
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Aurie code+381(0)32
Caur platesGM

Gornji Milanovac (Serbie: Горњи Милановац Aboot this soondlisten ) is a toun an municipality locatit in Serbie at 44.012691° North, 20.273572° East. Its name means "Upper Milanovac" (there is a Lower Milanovac, as well) while Milanovac stems from name "Milan" in the Serbian leid. In 2003 the ceety haed a total population o 24,000.

Afore 1859 the oreeginal name o the ceety wis Despotovac, efter the Despotovica river passin bi the ceety. In 1859 the name wis chynged tae Gornji Milanovac at the request o the Prince o Serbie Miloš Obrenović.

Geography[eedit | eedit soorce]

Gornji Milanovac lies atween muntains Rudnik tae the north an Vujan tae the sooth.

The ceety is situatit alang wastren side o European route E763, atween the ceeties Ljig tae the north an Čačak tae the sooth an the veelages Majdan tae the north an Preljina tae the sooth.

Main ceety crossroad branches:

Sooth o Milanovac, veelages Brdjani tae the Wast an Prislonica tae the East are connectit tae E763 wi local roads.

Twin touns — sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Gornji Milanovac is twinned wi:

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