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Flag of Pembrokeshire
Wales Pembrokeshire locator map.svg
- Total
- % Water
Ranked 5th
1,590 km²
? %
Admin HQ Haverfordwest
ISO 3166-2 GB-PEM
ONS code 00NS
- (2017)
- Density

/ km²
Ethnicity 99.2% White
Welsh leid
- Any skills
Ranked 8t
Arms of Pembrokeshire
Pembrokeshire Council
Control Independent
MEPs Wales

Pembrokeshire (/[unsupported input]ˈpɛmbrʊkʃɪər/, /ˈpɛmbrʊkʃər/, or /ˈpɛmbrkʃɪər/; Welsh: Sir Benfro [ˈsiːr ˈbɛnvrɔ]) is a coonty in the sooth wast o Wales. It borders Carmarthenshire tae the east an Ceredigion tae the north east. The coonty toun is Haverfordwest where Pembrokeshire Coonty Cooncil is heidquartered.

The coonty is hame tae Pembrokeshire Coast Naitional Pairk, the anerlie coastal naitional pairk o its kynd in the Unitit Kinrick an ane o three naitional pairks in Wales, the ithers being Snowdonia an Brecon Beacons national pairks. Ower the years Pembrokeshire's beaches hae been awairdit 41 Blue Flag Awards (13 in 2011), 47 Green Coast Awards (15 in 2011) an 106 Seaside Awards (31 in 2011.[1][2] In 2011 it haed 39 beaches recommendit bi the Marine Conservation Society an aw.

Hintle o Pembrokeshire, especially the sooth, haes been Inglis in leid an cultur for mony centuries. The bundary atween the Inglis an Welsh speakers is kent as the Landsker Line. Sooth Pembrokeshire is kent as Little Ingland Ayond Wales.

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