Wrexham Coonty Burgh

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Wrexham Coonty Burgh
Bwrdeisdref Sirol Wrecsam
- Tot
- % Watter
Rankit 10t
498 km²
0 %
Admin HQ Wrexham Council Office
ISO 3166-2 GB-WRX
ONS code 00NL
- Tot (2021)
- Densitie

/ km²
Ethnicity 97.6% White
1.4% S. Asie
Welsh leid
- Ony skills
Rankit 10t

Wrexham County Borough Council
Control TBA (council NOC)
Pontycysyllte canal boat aqueduct on Wrexham's outskirts - A UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid

Wrexham Coonty Burgh (Welsh: Bwrdeisdref Sirol Wrecsam [ˈwrɛksam]) is a local govrenment principal aurie centred on the toun o Wrexham in north-east Wales. The coonty burgh haes a population o ower 130,200 indwallers. Juist unner hauf o the population live either athin the toun o Wrexham or its surroondin conurbation o urban veelages which haes a population o aroond 63,000 fowk. The remainder live tae the sooth an east o the toun in mair rural auries.

The coonty burgh wis formit on 1 Aprile 1996. Burgh status wis inheritit frae the toun o Wrexham, grantit ower 150 years ago. Maist o the aurie wis previously pairt o the destrict o Wrexham Maelor - wi several commonties comin frae Glyndŵr - in the coonty o Clwyd.

The aurie includes a portion o the eastren hauf o the historic coonty o Denbighshire (awtho no formin pairt o the principal auirie o Denbighshire), an twa exclaves o historic Flintshire - Maelor Saesneg an the parish o Marford an Hoseley.

Govrenment[eedit | eedit soorce]

The region is govrened as a unitary authority bi Wrexham County Borough Council. Maist offices o the cooncil are situatit athin Wrexham toun centre, aroond Llwyn Isaf an the Civic Centre aroond Chester Street. The heidquarters o the organisation is at the Guild Hall, Queens Square.

Schuils[eedit | eedit soorce]

Top performin Seicontary Schuils in Wrexham Coonty Burgh (5 GCSEs, grades A*-C, accordin tae the latest inspection report bi Estyn). Aw Schuils Inglis speakin unless statit:

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Coordinates: 53°03′03″N 3°00′34″W / 53.0507°N 3.0094°W / 53.0507; -3.0094