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Conwy Coonty Burgh

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Conwy Coonty Borough
Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy
- Tot
- % Watter
Rankit 6t
1,130 km²
? %
Admeen HQ Conwy
ISO 3166-2 GB-CWY
ONS code 00NE
- (2021)
- Densitie

/ km²
Ethnicity 98.2% White
Welsh leid
- Ony skills
Ranked 5t
Conwy Coonty Borough Council
Control TBA (council NOC)
MEPs Wales

Conwy Coonty Burgh (Welsh: Bwrdeisdref Sirol Conwy) is a unitary authority aurie in north o Wales.


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It contains the major settlements o Llandudno, Llandudno Junction, Llanrwst, Betws-y-Coed, Conwy, Colwyn Bay, Abergele, Penmaenmawr an Llanfairfechan, an haes a tot population o aboot 110,000.

The River Conwy, efter whilk the coonty burgh is namit, lies hailly athin the aurie: risin in Snowdonia an flowin throu Llanrwst an Trefriw en route tae the Erse Sea bi Conwy. The river here marks the mairch atween the historic coonties o Caernarfonshire an Denbighshire.

Ane third o the land aurie o the coonty burgh lees in the Snowdonia naitional pairk, an the cooncil appynt three o the 18 members o the Snowdonia Naitional Pairk Authority.

Welsh leid

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Accordin tae the 2001 Census 39.7% o the population o the coonty burgh hae "ane or mair skills" in the Welsh leid, whilk ranks it 5t oot o 22 principal auries in Wales.[1]

The amoont o Welsh spoken in the coonty burgh greatly varies frae location tae location, wi generally the least bein spoken on the coastal fringe.

Insaumples o the percentage speakin Welsh bi electoral ward :[2]


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The coonty burgh wis formit on 1 Aprile 1996 bi mergin the destricts o Aberconwy an Colwyn whan it wis oreeginally namit Aberconwy an Colwyn. Housomeivver, its cooncil renamit the destrict a day later, on 2 Aprile 1996 tae Conwy.


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Conwy is representit in Parliament bi Guto Bebb (Con) an David Jones (Con), tho David Jones' Clwyd West constituency covers pairt o soothren Denbighshire an aw. In the National Assembly for Wales, it is representit bi Janet Finch-Saunders(Con) an Darren Millar (Con).

Coat o airms

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Conwy Coonty Borough Council wis grantit a coat o airms bi the College of Arms in 2001.[3] The new airms recaw thaim that baith Aberconwy an Colwyn Borough Councils haes. The main pairt o the shield depicts blue an siller waws for the river frae whilk the coonty burgh taks its name, an recaws the gowd an blue wavy field o Colwyn's airms an aw. On tap o the waws is placit a symbolic reid touer, representin Conwy Castle. The chief or upper third o the shield is coloured green, the main colour in Aberconwy's airms. In the centre o the chief is a severed heid frae the heraldry o Marchudd ap Cynan, Laird o Abergele an Rhos. On aither side are twa black spears embrued, or haein drops o bluid on thair pynts. Thir come frae the reputit airms o Nefydd Hardd, associatit wi the Nant Conwy aurie. In front o each spear is a gowden garb or wheatsheaf, for the rural auries o the coonty burgh.

Abuin the shield, placit on the steel helm uisual tae Breetish civic airms, is the crest. This taks the form o the Welsh reid draigon supportin a Bible, risin frae a wreath o aik leafs an aicorns. The representation o the Bible is tae commemorate the fact that the first Welsh leid translation o the beuk oreeginatit in the aurie, while the aik circlet recaws that an aik tree formit the main chairge in the airms o Colwyn Borough Council, an its predecessor the municipal burgh o Colwyn Bay.

The slogan adoptit is "Tegwch i Bawb", meanin "Fairness tae Aw"

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